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Alpha Kappa Delta Phi

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The purpose of this Asian-American interest sorority is to promote sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, and Asian-American awareness at the University and in the community, while encouraging the expression of the individual. The sorority is composed of highly motivated women with diverse backgrounds, interests, and fields of study. Each woman shares a strong bond of love, friendship, and sisterhood. With a supportive network of sisters, each woman can strive to fulfill her personal, academic, and career goals.

Chi Delta Theta (chi delts)


The sorority was established on October 13, 1989, as the first Asian-American interest sorority at UCSB by two Asian-American women. Today, the sisters of Chi Delta Theta work toward the fulfillment of the organizational goals established by their founders. These goals are symbolized through Chi Delta Theta's five points: community service, academics, cultural awareness, sisterhood, and social activity. Being a diverse group in a diverse society, Chi Delta Theta does not judge by race, sexual orientation, creed, or color. Chi Delta Theta promotes cultural awareness, concentrating on the various Asian cultures.

Lambda Sigma Gamma (lsg)


The mission of Lambda Sigma Gamma is to foster unity amongst women of diverse backgrounds, to build community awareness and to gain a greater understanding of oneself and others. As sisters we promote family. As collegians we aspire to instill leadership traits and excel in all of our academic endeavors. As community members we encourage positive relationships within the sorority, amongst our peers and with the university.

Lambda Theta Nu


The purpose of Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. shall be to open doors of opportunity to Latinas in our community. Lambda Theta Nu's primary focus is academic excellence and meeting the needs of Latina women in higher education.  Lambda Theta Nu also promotes the advancement of Latinas through various campus activities and community services, and provides an environment for personal growth within a unit of sisterhood.

Sigma Alpha Zeta (saz)


Sigma Alpha Zeta Sorority was established at California State University, Fresno in 1992. The Founding Mothers came from various backgrounds, interests, and ethnicities who were in search of friendship, networks, support, commitment, and security-all of which were a part of an eternal sisterhood. Each individual had her own personal goals, however together they strived for success in higher education and improvements in the community. Sigma Alpha Zeta is a multi-cultural sorority, which has no prejudices or holds any type of discrimination against other cultures, traditions, religion, race, or creed. Today these same concepts exist and the same goals are attained. The Founding Mothers of Sigma Alpha Zeta Sorority have pride and love for what they have created and have passed on this gift to other chapters and generations.

Sigma Kappa Chi


Founded in 1993, Sigma Kappa Chi was the second sorority founded as an Asian-American interest sorority at UCSB. The purpose of Sigma Kappa Chi is to promote sisterhood, cultural awareness, and academic excellence. Membership is open to any UCSB woman who is enrolled, in good academic standing and who desires to learn more about, celebrate, and appreciate the special aspects of the Asian-American community.

Sigma Theta Psi 

SIGMA Omega Nu