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greek conduct proceedings


 The intent of the Greek Conduct Board (GCB) is to provide a positive atmosphere in which the values and standards of Greek Life are upheld. The Board attempts to do this through education and discipline. The three main goals of GCB are: problem solving through education, improving communication within the Greek system, and improving relations between the Greek and campus community. We attempt to work with chapters directly, discussing issues and solving problems through a variety of approaches, which include consultations, hearings, and mediation. 

 Acting under the direction of the Assistant Director of Judicial Affairs, the Greek Conduct Board may hear cases involving individual fraternity/sorority members and/or entire chapters charged with violating any policies contained in the following documents:

 i.      Greek Relationship Statement
ii.      Risk Management Policies
iii.      IGC Constitution
iv.      UCSB Campus Regulations


If you have other conduct concerns, please contact the Director of Greek Affairs, Carola Alden, at 805-893-3966 or at Carola.Alden@sa.ucsb.edu.  


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