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This program seeks to evaluate chapters on their performance in the academic, community service, risk management, and educational policies that the University requires. Please keep in mind that Greek Affairs is not asking for any new requirements to be completed; the office is simply holding chapters accountable for what they are already required to do.

  1. Academics (25 points total)

    Chapters will be evaluated based upon the collective GPA that the chapter has at the end of each quarter. These GPA’s will then be compared to the overall men’s and women’s GPA that the University computes at the end of each quarter.

    If the chapter is:
    • at or above the all men’s/women’s GPA: 25 points
    • within .10 points of all men’s/women’s GPA: 20 points
    • within .20 points of all men’s/women’s GPA: 15 points
    • within .30 points of all men’s/women’s GPA: 10 points
    • within .40 points of all men’s/women’s GPA: 5 points
    • at or below 2.5 GPA: 0 points

  2. Community Service (20 points total)

    Community service is considered to be any service that a person performs for the benefit of his or her local community. Examples of acceptable community service activities include: working at Friendship Manor in Isla Vista, a Beach Clean-Up through Isla Vista Parks and Recreation, participating in the Isla Vista Youth Project, volunteering at the Lemon Festival, etc. As a general rule, community service requires direct community involvement and participation in improving local communities.

    Community service is quite different from philanthropy. Philanthropy events put on by fraternities and sororities that raise money for a larger cause or require donations of blood or other items do not count as community service. While participation in these events is encouraged, hours that chapters accrue at these events will not be counted in their chapter’s overall community service hours total. [If you are at all confused at whether your event is a community service or philanthropy event, please contact the Greek Resource Office at 893-8463 or email a Greek Intern: sofia.rexach@sa.ucsb.edu or Lori_harrison@umail.ucsb.edu]

    All chapters are required to have 70% of their chapter complete six or more hours of community service each quarter. A total number of hours that should be completed by the chapter will be computed by Greek Affairs. (ie. A chapter with a total of 100 members will be required to have 70 members participate in community service. Seventy members times 6 hours per member will be a total of 420 hours required by Greek Affairs for the chapter to complete).

    NOTE: Greek Affairs is requiring that members get signatures and contact information on all service hours completed. A form turned in without a signature and contact information will not be counted in the chapter’s overall total.

    To assess the point total for each chapter, Greek Affairs will:

    • calculate the total number of hours the chapter should be completing
    • calculate the total number of hours that the chapter has completed
    • divide the total number of hours completed by the total number of hours that should have completed
    • this percentage will then be multiplied by 20 to get a point total out of 20 possible points

    For example: A chapter has 100 members. 70 members are required to complete community service hours. Therefore, Greek Affairs will require this chapter to turn in 420 hours.

    At the end of the quarter, the chapter has completed 300 out of the required 420 hours. 300 divided by 420 equals .71. .71 multiplied by 20 equals 14.2 points. The chapter will receive 14 out of the possible 20 points in the community service section.


      Chapters who do not have 70% participating in community service will be deducted .5 points per person that the chapter is missing from their overall point total.
      LATE PACKATES: 1 point deduction for each day late, up to 7 days or 7 points.

  3. Risk Management (25 points total)

    UCSB has a strict risk management, alcohol/drugs, and party policy. All chapters are required to abide by these policies when planning and executing social events.

    1. Attendance at Risk Management/Social Chair Meetings
      All presidents, risk managers, and social chairs will be required to attend the risk management meeting that is put on and run by Greek Affairs each quarter. Attendance at these meetings is mandatory and considered important in the development and implementation of safer policies within the Greek system. If any of these three officers cannot attend (president, social chair, and risk manager), they may only send a member of the executive board in their place.
    2. 10 points:

      • - One meetings per quarter (10 points available for each)
      • -Each President, Risk
    3. Event Registration
    4. All Risk Managers and Social Chairs must abide by the event registration policy set up and enforced by the University.

      5 points:

      • Social Chair(s) from the host location will inform the Isla Vista Foot Patrol at least one week before an event is scheduled. To be “formally” registered, the time, date, and location of the event must be given to the IVFP.
      • Risk Managers of the host location will then inform the Office of Student Life at least 3 days before the event by filling out the “Event Planning” form and turning it into the Office of Student Life.
    5. Behavior of Chapter
    6. All chapters are required to follow University regulations and be in good standing with the institution.

      10 points:

      • Chapters will be awarded points based upon their behavior for the quarter (ie. social probation, hazing incidents, police reports, etc.)
      • Points will be distributed by the Director of Greek Affairs, Stephan Franklin.

      IMPORTANT: Chapters, who are not in good standing with the University will NOT be allowed to participate in Greek Awards, may lose social privileges, campus recognition, etc.

  4. 4. Fulfilling Educational Requirements (a rolling total of 30 points for the year, 3 workshops in fall, 2 workshops in winter, and one workshop in the spring)

    Chapters are required to complete six mandatory educational workshops throughout the school year, each of which will be worth 5 points. Seventy percent of the chapter is required to attend these events (70% of new members for the fall new member education). Chapters are responsible for setting up their own workshops, completing the “Educational Requirement” form, and turning it into the Office of Student Life by the indicated due date for the quarter.

    Chapters are required to do workshops/participate on topics including:

    • Sexual Assault
    • Alcohol and Drugs
    • Hazing
    • Nutrition/Health
    • Greek Leadership Conference November 17th, 2007 10am – 4pm (Contact the Greek Resource Office at 893-8463 to find out more about who needs to attend this conference to receive full credit)
    • New Member Education (took place in Corwin Pavilion Wednesday October 10th, and 24th 2007 for CPC and IFC councils)


  • It is required to have 70% of chapter members or potential new members in attendance at educational events. Listed below are the points chapters will receive in the event that a chapter does not meet the 70% attendance.
    • 1-5 missing: 4.5 points
      6-10 missing: 4 points
      11-15 missing: 3 points
      16-20 missing: 2 points
      21-25 missing: 1 points
      25+ missing: no points

  • LATE PACKETS: 1 point deduction for each day late, up to 7 days or 7 points.

BONUS POINTS (10 points total):

  1. Community Service in Isla Vista (5 points on overall total):

    In order to facilitate more involvement in the local Isla Vista and Santa Barbara community, an extra 5 points will be added onto a chapter’s overall total if they complete the majority of their community service hours participating in local Isla Vista events.

  2. Doing “Extras” not required by Greek Affairs (up to 5 extra points on overall total)
  3. These include:
    • Doing extra community service hours within the Isla Vista Community
    • Planning and having an extra educational workshop for your chapter
    • Developing a risk management policy documenting fire drills, evacuation plans, and safety practices within or outside the chapter facility
    • Putting on a chapter leadership development workshop

    If you would like to complete “extras”, please contact the Greek office at 893-3966 or 893-8463 for prior approval.


Overall the scores are out of 100 points, but it is possible to receive 112 points with extra credit. (Beginning Winter 2007)

  • Fall scores are out of 87 points (with extra credit 97)
  • Winter scores are out of 97 points (with extra credit 107)
  • Spring scores are out of 102 (with extra credit 112)