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Sorority Recruitment Fall 2013

Save the Date: Sweet Life with Greek Life

Come learn about going Greek at UCSB and get to know some of our leaders!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

7:00PM at IV Theater 1

Free dessert and sweet treats!

Registration deadline is 12:00pm on Monday, September 23

It's easy...

1.  Starting July 15, fill out the application online or visit the Panhellenic Facebook Page for more information.

2.  Use the online payment system or send a check 
      (made payable to: OSL/Panhellenic at UCSB) 
      to the address below.

3.  Registration takes approximately 15 minutes 
     to complete. Registration fees are $50 for early bird registration; on and after Tuesday, September 17, the registration fee is $55. This fee is non-refundable.

4.  A confirmation email will be sent to verify your completed application and payment.

5.  You do NOT need letters of recommendation, they are not required, but if you have any from 
    sorority alumnae or members, please have them sent to:

Panhellenic at UCSB, Greek Life Office 
Attention-Letters of Recommendation
Office of Student Life - Student Resource Bldg.
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5010
Phone: 805- 893-8463 Fax: 805-893-7005

DEADLINE for Letters of Recommendation to be received by:  Friday, September 13, 2013


9:00AM Mandatory Orientation at IV Theater 1*
Meet the Panhellenic Executive Board and learn the rules and ways of recruitment! There will be an entertaining film that will explain the events for the week and introduce you to all of the Recruitment Counselors. This is a mandatory event. If for any reason, you cannot make this orientation please e-mail the Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment, Courtney Currin, at panhellrecruitment@gmail.com or call the Greek Affairs Office at (805) 893-8463.

Free continental breakfast will be provided following the orientation!

*Note: Recruitment begins later in the evening, following Convocation. You will meet with your Recruitment Counselor at 5:00pm at Embarcadero Hall. Come dressed ready to head to chapter houses as there will be no time to change outfits. Unity Day attire is casual and be sure to wear shoes that are comfortable to walk in.

Unity Day 1: 6:00PM-9:05PM
At 5:00PM you will meet your Recruitment Counselors at Embarcadero Hall.
She will serve as your mentor throughout the recruitment process. Women will be placed into groups of 16-20 per counselor. All women going through recruitment will receive an informational brochure for the week with financial information, pictures, and details for each chapter. All women going through Panhellenic recruitment will visit all chapters participating in recruitment during Unity Day 1 and 2.

  • Tuesday September 24:

Unity Day 2: 10:30AM-5:55PM

At 10:00AM you will meet with your Recruitment Counselors at Embarcadero Hall. Come dressed in casual attire and wear comfortable walking shoes. This will be the second part of of Unity Day, in which you will visit all participating Panhellenic sorority houses.

There will be breaks throughout the day, including time to eat lunch from 1:10-1:55PM with your recruitment group. Be sure to bring your Access card for lunch at Carrillo Dining Commons or spending money for eating in Isla Vista.

  • Wednesday September 25:

House Tours: 10:00AM-8:45PM

At 9:30AM you will meet with your Recruitment Counselors at Embarcadero Hall. This round of recruitment consists of tours of each chapter house. UCSB has 10 beautiful Panhellenic sorority houses that would be any college students' dream to live in. During the house tour, you will have the opportunity to meet more active members and ask questions. The tour will also go over finances for joining and live-in costs.

There will be breaks throughout the day, including time to eat lunch from 1:00-1:45PM and dinner from 5:45-6:30PM with your recruitment group. A lunch break and dinner break are scheduled into the recruitment event. Be sure to bring your Access card for lunch at Carrillo Dining Commons or spending money for eating in Isla Vista.

  • Thursday September 26:

No recruitment activities today. Best of luck with first day of classes!

  • Friday September 27:

Pillar Night: 4:00PM-10:45PM

At 3:30AM you will meet with your Recruitment Counselors at IV Theater 2. As the week progresses, you will return to few chapters. On Pillar Night, each chapter will explain the four pillars:  Standards, Scholarship, Sisterhood and Service. This event will provide a background on the values of sorority life at UCSB. This event has been scheduled in the evening to accommodate for classes. If you have a time conflict, be sure to notify your Recruitment Counselor so that we can schedule your event times around your conflict.

  • Saturday September 28:

Preference Night, 5:00PM-10:45PM

At 4:30AM you will meet with your Recruitment Counselors at the Student Resource Building.This recruitment event is held in the evening and is more formal than previous days. Preference night is the last round of mutual selection, and will give a preview of rituals each chapter holds dear to their sorority experience. There will be a maximum of two chapters to visit this round.

  • Sunday September 29:

Bid Day at the Humanities & Social Sciences Building (HSSB), 12:00PM

On this day you will receive a bid from a chapter asking you to become a member of their organization. After you receive this bid, you and the other new members of that sorority will meet up with the active members and go to a designated location within or outside of Santa Barbara to bond with your new sisters!

Questions? Feel free to contact us at:

Courtney Currin, Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment: panhellrecruitment@gmail.com

Triana Cover, Panhellenic President: panhellprez@yahoo.com

or call the Greek Life Office at 805-893-8463

Check us out on Facebook!