UCSB Sustainability

Giving to Student Affairs Sustainability

Please consider donating to the Student Affairs Net Zero Initiative. The Division of Student Affairs is undertaking an ambitious plan to achieve zero net energy on all of our buildings by combining increased energy efficiencies with on-site generation of clean energy (eight campus buildings with over 375,000 square feet). Riding the "6th wave of innovation" to zero net energy will enable us to:

  • Achieve the highest level LEED-Existing Building and Operations Management (LEED-EBOM) rating for all eight buildings
  • Assume national leadership in creating a financial, technical, and operational template for other institutions to use in achieving zero net energy
  • Demonstrate the feasibility of using fixed cost financing to invest in zero net energy
  • Eliminate risk to the student affairs operating budget by redirecting funds that would have been spent on utilities to student programs and services
  • Address zero net energy issues that—as yet—no one else has considered such as how to heat pools without using natural gas and how to use a whole systems approach to successfully and safely move entire buildings and complexes of buildings "off grid"
  • Transition from fossil fuels, eliminate carbon emissions, and take another step toward re-establishing environmental health and human well-being through use of 100% renewable energy

Our partners include Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas, the Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) group, and the UCSB Institute for Energy Efficiency. To discuss a gift or partnership with UCSB Student Affairs, please contact Catherine Boyer in Student Affairs Grants and Development at (805) 893-5037 or at Catherine.boyer@sa.ucsb.edu.