UCSB Sustainability

Projects and Initiatives

PV array Rec Cen MAC Premier Consultants Newton Engineering 250,000 kWh annually $25,000 annual reduction in utility bill. Project complete Premier Renewables Gary Jurich David McHale
Demonstration Showcase Rec Cen Southern California Edison Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) 30-50% reduction in kWh Energy audit/rebates Technical assistance Donation of hardware Publicity $50,000-$70,000 annual reduction in utility bill Alok Singh Linda Luft Bach Tsan Teren Abear Karl Johnson Bill McTague Gary Jurich David McHale Jordan Sager Mark Peppers George Foulsham
Aquatics complex Rec Cen Southern California Gas 100% reduction in therms Zero interest financing Energy rebates On bill financing Michael Kung Jason Lewis Raad Bashar Bill McTague Gary Jurich Bruce Hansen Bill Shelor Mark Peppers
Aquatics complex Rec Cen To be determined Solar pre-heat for water Technical assistance $140,000 annual reduction in utility bill   Bill McTague Gary Jurich Bruce Hansen Mark Peppers
PV array Parking Structure 22 To be determined 800,000 kWh annually $80,000 annual reduction in annual utility bill Premier Renewables Bill McTague David McHale Jordan Sager Bill Shelor George Levinthal
Energy Visualization SRB Institute for Energy Efficiency (IEE) SRB Governance Board Green Initiative Fund 20% reduction in energy for heating and cooling Energy use feedback loop for building occupants Technical expertise Metering and logging Data analysis $20,000 grant $20,000 grant Igor Mezic Bryan Eisenhower Michael Georgescu Bill Shelor
LEED audit All SA buildings Physical Facilities LEED Platinum-EB for all SA buildings Technical expertise Data collection Summary of findings USGBC certification   Jordan Sager Kyle Blickley
Renewable Energy Governance Board PS 22 and others UCSB students and Student Affairs Financing for renewable energy projects $3,400,000 To be determined Bill Shelor
White Paper for National Renewal Energy Laboratory (NREL) SA-ZNE NREL Documentation and publication of ZNE case study NREL Michael Woodhouse Kyle Blickley John Perlin Bill McTague