UCSB Sustainability

Renewable Energy Initiative & Governance Board

The REI GB was formed in September 2010 as a consultative and decision making student-majority governance board with fiduciary responsibility for the total proceeds from the Renewal Energy Initiative student fee that was passed in spring 2010 and went into effect fall 2010.

The Student Services Renewable Energy Initiative

Do you approve a mandatory fee of $6.00 per undergraduate and graduate student per quarter, including summer, in order to fund a series of renewable energy installations such as large-scale photovoltaic arrays across campus ($4.46 goes to the initiative, $1.50 is for return to aid, and $0.04 is for administrative fee)? If passed, the fee would begin fall 2010 and be collected for a period of ten years (terminating at the end of spring 2020), without reaffirmation.

_______ Yes _______ No

The Student Services Renewable Energy Initiative will enable the campus to undertake a comprehensive, innovative Zero Net Energy (ZNE) initiative that will combine increased energy efficiencies with the use of clean, renewable energies. The project will also achieve the highest level of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for most of the Division of Student Affairs’ buildings. Through the initiative, the campus will: 1) become a leading promoter in the use of ZNE to address significant environmental and economic challenges, 2) significantly reduce use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions, 3) gain greater energy independence, 4) help meet UCSB Climate Action Plan goals for a carbon neutral campus by 2050, and 5) direct a significant proportion of savings generated from this initiative to student services.

The Renewal Energy Initiative Governance Board


  1. NAME

    The name of this organization shall be the Student Services Renewable Energy Initiative Governance Board, hereafter known as the REI Governance Board.

    The REI Governance Board shall manage the distribution and approval of all current and anticipated spending of the Student Services Renewable Energy Initiative Lock-In Fee. It shall review and have full financial authority regarding the allocation of any REI lock-in funding for all energy and sustainability related project proposals made to the board. The purpose of the REI Governance Board is to represent the needs and interests of all students in the UCSB community while working to advance Student Affairs’ ultimate goal of achieving a Zero Net Energy division. The Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs shall be responsible for the implementation of all decisions and allocations made by the board. The role of the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs shall include, but not be limited to, ensuring that the decisions of the REI Governance Board are in compliance with the University policies and regulations.

    1. The board shall consist of 17 voting members, including one student Chairperson or two student Co-Chairs (undergraduate or graduate). Each member shall serve a minimum of one year. The student members shall be appointed to serve two-year terms when possible and the student membership shall reflect different class levels in order to ensure continuity on the Board. After serving two years, all Board members must re-apply through their respective organizations in order to serve an additional term(s) on the Board.
    2. During the spring quarter, the incumbent Board will select a Chairperson for the following academic year through a majority vote of the Board members. It is preferred that the Chairperson has served at least one previous year on the Board.
    3. All appointments shall be completed by the ninth week of the spring quarter, with new appointments taking effect the day following the end of the spring quarter.
    4. The Chairperson/Co-Chairs shall be responsible for contacting each of the groups listed below within the first week of Spring Quarter requesting that they select individuals to represent their organization on the REI Governance Board. If any organization fails to select or is not in the process of selecting a representative by the beginning of Fall Quarter in the next academic year, then it is the Chairperson/Co-Chairs’ responsibility to start an application for the open positions over a two week period. The Chairperson/Co-Chairs should take all due diligence to publicize the afformentioned application as widely as possible to the campus community.
    5. All applications submitted through the process as stated above shall be reviewed by the REI Application ad-hoc Committee. The REI Application ad-hoc committee shall consist of the Chairperson/Co-Chairs, the Administrative Coordinator, and all other members who express interest in participating. The REI Application ad-hoc Committee will present their recommendations before the full governance board. Acceptance of applicants as voting members shall require a 2/3rds vote under the minimum requirements for quorum as defined in this charter. Both Rep-at-Large positions shall be filled by the board through the process as outlined above.
    6. The Board shall consist of the following voting members:
      • 1 Student (Member of Green Campus Program)
      • 1 Student (Representative of Associated Students)
      • 1 Student (Representative of the Student Fee Advisory Committee)
      • 1 Student (A Representative of the Student Resources Building Governance Board)
      • 1 Student (A Representative of the Graduate Student Association Council or Bren School of Environmental Science and Management)
      • 1 Student (A Representaive of the Recreation Center Governance Board)
      • 1 Student (A Representative of the Environmental Affairs Board)
      • 1 Student (A Representative of The Green Initiative Fund)
      • 4 Students Reps-at-Large (2 Undergraduate and 2 Graduate Student)
      • 1 Faculty or Staff Member (A Representative of the Academic Senate Sustainability Working Group)
      • 1 Staff Member (Current Campus LEED Portfolio Manager)
      • 1 Staff Member (A Representative of the Office of Student Life)
      • 1 Staff Member (TGIF Grant Manager)
      • 1 Staff Member (A Representative of the Energy and Environmental Management Office in Housing and Residential Services)
    7. Advisors are non-voting participants who are invited to all of the Board meetings and remain on the mailing list and meeting time / minutes. However, they are not required to attend all meetings. Adivsors will include:
      • Associated Students President
      • Graduate Student Association President
      • Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
      • Director, Resource Planning, Student Affairs: William McTague
      • Director, Special Projects, Student Affairs: William Shelor
      • Director, Information Services, Student Affairs: Lubomir Bojilov
      • Director, Grant Development, Student Affairs: Laurie Hoyle
      • Assistant Director, Recreation Center, Student Affairs: Gary Jurich
      • Creator, Student Services Renewable Energy Initiative, Alumni: Clayton Carlson
      • Creator, Student Services Renewable Energy Initiative, Alumni: Michael Hewitt
      • Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Design and Facilities: Marc Fisher
      • Budget Director, Office of Budget and Planning: Todd Lee
      • Executive Officer, Department of Geography: Mo Lovegreen
      • Associate Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services: Ron Cortez
      • Chair, Chancellor's Sustainability Committee: Bruce Tiffney
      • Campus Energy Manager, Physical Facilities: Dave McHale
      • Director, Office of Student Life, Student Affairs: Katya Armistad

    1. Procedures
      1. Calling Meetings: Official meetings of the REI Governance Board shall be called by either the Chairperson or by the Vice Chairperson with a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Five voting members of the Board may call a meeting, by written request to the Chairperson. All advisers members shall be notified of any meetings.
      2. Frequency of Meetings: The REI Governance Board shall hold at least one standing meeting per month each quarter during the academic year and shall make arrangements to meet as needed during the summer months.
      3. Quorum: For the purpose of conducting business and formulating recommendations or decisions, a quorum of the REI Governance Board shall consist of half of the board plus one member with half plus one member of quorum consisting of student representatives. Quorum may be met via Conference Call.
      4. REI Governance Board Policies: A majority vote (half plus one member), under the rules of quorum, of the REI Governance Board is required to approve policies.
      5. REI Governance Board Project Approvals & Allocations A majority vote (half plus one member), under the rules of quorum, of the REI Governance Board is required to approve new projects and allocations of the board’s funds. In the event of a tie, the board may return to deliberations or close discussions on the present item.
      6. Student Eligibility: Acting student members must be registered UCSB fee paying students in good academic standing (a minimum 2.0 quarter and cumulative grade point average) to be eligible to serve on the Board. Individual student eligibility will be checked by the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs on a quarterly basis.
      7. Replacement of Board Members: If a Board member is unable to serve the duration of his/her term, or is removed by two-thirds (2/3) vote of quorum of the board, the member shall be replaced with due speed by the process under which he/she was selected to serve. Failure to meet the member expectations shall constitute ground for removal from the board.
      8. Proxy Voting: Proxy voting in the Board will only be granted for Board members who have presented a written request to the Chair before the meeting begins. The note must give the name of the proxy and by delegating a proxy; the representative will take responsibility for the proxy’s vote on any item. Other members of the Board cannot act as a proxy. It is the responsibility of the non-present Board member to update his/her proxy with the current discussion topics of the Board. In addition, a proxy is only eligible to serve on the Board for one (1) quarter. The board cannot assign a proxy for an individual member.
      9. Conflict of Interest: Conflict of interest shall be defined as:
        1. Personal financial gain
        2. The personal gain of associates (friends and/or family members.)
          1. If it is the finding of the members of the Board that one of the members has an ongoing conflict of interest which may prevent him/her from conducting Board business in a proper manner, that person may be removed by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board and replaced as outlined in these guidelines. In individual situations that pose conflict of interest to a particular Board member, the member is required to abstain from voting. In most situations, a person with a conflict of interest should also recuse themselves from the discussion. If the member does not volunteer to abstain, the Board may so move with a two-thirds (2/3) vote.
      10. Amendments to Charter: Amendments to the REI Governance Board Charter shall only be with a two-thirds (2/3) approval of the Board with a minimum quorum as defined in this charter. Amendment proposals shall be introduced and discussed at a Board meeting, but not voted upon until the next available meeting in order to allow sufficient study of the proposal.

    1. Administrative Coordinator
      1. The position of administrative coordinator shall be filled by a staff member from Student Affairs.
      2. Shall be responsible for assisting and working with the Chair/Co-Chairs to most effectively coordinate the operations and implement decisions of the governance board.
    2. REI Governance Board Chairperson/Co-Chairs (undergraduate or graduate students—see section 3A).
      1. Shall serve as the chief officer of the REI Governance Board.
      2. Shall be responsible for calling and conducting meetings of the Board or designate a voting member as a replacement.
      3. Shall set agendas for the Board meetings with the assistance of the Administrative Coordinator.
      4. Shall appoint Board committees with the approval of a majority (half plus one) of the Board.
      5. Shall serve as the primary spokesperson for the Board.
      6. Shall build and maintain effective communications with staff and students within the Division of Student Affairs and the University community.
      7. Shall work closely and meet regularly with the REI Management Team.
      8. Shall have full voting rights in all governance board matters.
      9. Shall provide feedback on the performance of voting members as appropriate.
      10. If the Chair/Co-Chairs is/are unable to serve the duration of his/her term, or is removed by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the full Board, the Chair/Co-Chairs shall be replaced with due speed by the process under which he/she was selected to serve.
      11. Failure to meet the Chair expectations shall constitute ground for removal from the board.
    3. Voting Members
      1. Shall serve a one-year term and are eligible for re-appointment through their respective nominating agencies.
      2. As needed may serve on one or more standing or ad-hoc committees.
      3. Shall attend Board meetings and maintain regular attendance at committee meetings and be prepared for discussions.
      4. Shall inform the Chair/Co-Chairs or the Administrative Coordinator if unable to attend Board meetings.
      5. Shall promote the REI Governance Board’s function and efforts to the campus community.
      6. Shall be subject to removal from the Board should he/she fail to fulfill the obligations listed above. Only one Board meeting can be missed by a voting or proxy board member in any given academic quarter unless the acting member has obtained an excused absence from the Chair/Co-Chairs. Agencies will be notified of the lack of participation which provided them the opportunity to contact the representative. Failure to be in attendance at all but one meeting in a quarter shall constitute failure to fulfill Board membership requirements.
    4. Advisors
      1. Shall be non-voting participants.
      2. Shall be invited to all Board meetings.
      3. Shall be invited to serve on committees as appropriate and shall have voting privileges on those committees.
      4. Shall inform others of the REI Governance Board efforts and functions.
        • Membership
        • Governance Board Meeting Minutes (will be provided later)