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Annual Report Elements 2020-21DOCX36.86 KB Download
CAST UDL Tips for AssessmentPDF187.64 KB Download
Universal Design in Higher Education_Promising PracticesPDF4.70 MB Download
CAST Overview FlyerPDF3.57 MB Download
CAST Top Ten TipsPDF150.95 KB Download
Focus Groups COP Jan 2020PDF786.11 KB Download
Qualitative Coding using Atlas.ti Presentation by Jason HopkinsPDF172.94 KB Download
Hierarchical Coding Example Handout from Jason Hopkins' PresentationPDF210.21 KB Download
Qualitative Coding Summary from Jason Hopkins' PresentationPDF203.66 KB Download
Node Coding Example Handout from Jason Hopkins' PresentationPDF141.22 KB Download
Types of Code Handout from Jason Hopkins' PresentationPDF66.13 KB Download
Outcome Formulas and SMARRT ChecklistPDF31.86 KB Download
Designing SMARRT OutcomesPDF574.92 KB Download
Student Affairs Strategic PlanPDF1.09 MB Download
Appreciative Inquiry The Art of the QuestionPDF26.34 KB Download
Student Affairs Strategic Plan PresentationPDF2.18 MB Download
UCSB Library AssessmentDOCX236.65 KB Download
Library Assessment Coordinating TeamPDF92.17 KB Download
Campus Climate AssessmentPPTX625.19 KB Download
UCSB Library Advanced Search StrategiesPDF40.26 KB Download
Student Affairs Library ResourcesPDF34.51 KB Download
Academic Assessment and Student AffairsPDF1.62 MB Download
7 Shortcuts To Writing A Damn Good Headline _ The Huffington PostPDF5.75 MB Download
10 Tips for Telling Your StoryPDF908.49 KB Download
Competencies Handout October 2015PDF342.02 KB Download
Developing Learning and Operational Outcomes Template October 2015DOCX32.77 KB Download
Developing Learning and Operational Outcomes Presentation October 2015PDF585.88 KB Download
Data Collection MethodsPDF1022.13 KB Download
Linking Action Verbs to Assessment TechniquesPDF110.72 KB Download
Library Research Quick Tips Search StrategiesPDF208.10 KB Download
Co-Curricular Assessment and WSCUCPDF1.55 MB Download