Updates on DACA

LATEST INFORMATION (Updates as of Dec. 10)
A New York federal judge has ordered the government to start processing first time applications! However in Texas, the federal court considering the legality of DACA will hold an important argument on Dec. 22 and could decide that DACA is illegal. UC Immigrant Legal Services Center (UCImm) will urgently process new applications in the hope of submitting them before the Texas court rules.
We will prioritize clients who we (UCImm) started assisting after the Supreme Court decision (this past July) and who are prepared with their documents. Potential future clients are responsible for gathering their documents before we will agree to work on an initial application. 
We have posted to our website our previous webinar and powerpoint that discusses how to prepare an initial DACA application. There, you will also find our initial DACA application evidence checklist. 
After viewing the webinar, if you need to clarify whether you are eligible for initial DACA, please email Anna Manuel, Attorney, directly at anna.ucimm@law.ucdavis.edu. To make an appointment with Anna, please visit: tinyurl.com/y253hf29
Anna C. Manuel
Staff Attorney and Strategic Initiatives Coordinator 
University of California Immigrant Legal Services Center
Book an Appointment : tinyurl.com/y253hf29
Email: anna.ucimm@law.ucdavis.edu
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