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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is a Dream Scholar?
    Student who qualify for AB 540 legislation and are undocumented fall into the category of Dream Scholars. The terminology is UCSB specific; it reflects the academic success of these students on our campus.

  2. Where do I ask for help?
    If you need to talk with someone, start with the UCSB Undocumented Student Services (USS) office located in the EOP suite, 2nd floor of the SRB, or email USS Coordinator at If you have a technical questions regarding financial aid, residency, or admissions and enrollment please use the CONTACT tab to send your questions to an ally who can best assist you.

  3. What resources are available for Dream Scholars?
    Dream Scholars are eligible for all the UCSB support services and most campus resources. Peer support programs are primarily given through IDEAS (a UCSB student organization).

  4. Can I offer a Dream Scholar a job on campus?
    Dream Scholars are able to work on campus if they have a work permit. For further questions, contact

  5. Do Dream Scholars need to fill out a FAFSA?
    No. Dream Scholars should not file a FAFSA for UC Santa Barbara. Dream Scholars should file the California Dream Act Application: by the posted deadline (March 2nd of the year prior to enrollment) to be considered for financial aid.

  6. Do Dream Scholars report their parents’ taxes in the new financial aid form they fill out?
    Yes. Students who file a Dream Act Application will be asked similar questions to the FAFSA, if they are identified as ‘dependent’ students then parental income information is required.

  7. What does the Statement of Legal Residency (SLR) process look like at a graduate-student level?
    The SLR process is exactly the same for all UCSB students (Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Students) both new and returning. Campus SLR procedures are provided on the Office of the Registrar website

  8. Do DACA recipients of a work permit retain the ability to work past the 2 years that the program currently offers?
    An individual can request a renewal of DACA standing. (DACA is not tied to UC eligibility or financial aid). Please consult with a qualified attorney for information on DACA or refer to the federal government DACA website -