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Campus Services

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Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships provides resources specific to AB 540 & CA Dream Act Applicants. A Dream Scholar Advisor and two Dream Scholar Peer Advisors are available to answer questions directly in person, on the phone, or in an email.

For more information, check out the department's website or follow the quick links below.

Career Services

Career Services is committed to ensuring student success, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. Unfortunately, these factors can add additional stress to undocumented students when trying to gain experience, obtain post-graduation employment, and/or apply to graduate school. Check out Career Service's Undocumented Students Career Guide for additional career information.

For questions regarding Career Services, contact:

  • Maddie Foster, Career Counselor
    Undocumented Student Liaison, Dream Scholar Resource Team Member
    (805) 893-4412

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is committed to providing timely, culturally appropriate, and effective mental health services to our diverse UCSB student body, as well as professional consultation to faculty, staff, and families. All registered students are eligible for services at CAPS. Mental health services provided include crisis intervention, psychological assessment, individual therapy, group counseling, and referrals to campus and community resources.

In collaboration with USS, CAPS created Cultivating Resilience, a support group specifically for Dream Scholars. The group is facilitated by Dr. Jessica Adams. Meetings occur every week starting week 3-4 of the quarter.

For the location, contact:
For 24/7 support, contact the CAPS hotline: (805) 893-4411

Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity

The RCSGD offers a study and social lounge along with a cyber center featuring new Apple computers. The RCSGD provides students with connections to student organizations as well as campus, local and national resources. The center offers quarterly LGBTQ awareness workshops by request.

Student leaders initiated the UndocuTrans & UndocuQueer support group for undocumented students who also identify as trans* or queer. Meetings occur on Thursdays, 7-8:30PM.

For the location and more information, contact the facilitators:  

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is committed to providing a support and information base that validates each student's experience and nurtures a sense of participation, belonging and empowerment. Through mentorship, academic programs, one-to-one counseling/advising, campus student support service referrals and social/cultural programming, we strive to maximize a student's involvement and success in the campus academic community. In addition to assisting students through to graduation, EOP helps motivate and inform students to utilize services to enhance their preparation for the job market and/or graduate/professional school admission. EOP focuses on serving those who are income eligible and first-generation undergraduates.

Need to make an appointment? Contact EOP here.

Office of the Ombuds

The Office of the Ombuds at UC Santa Barbara provides confidential consultation services for any campus-related concern. The ombuds address workplace issues, interpersonal conflict, academic concerns, and many other problems, whether as a first step, last resort, or at any point along the way. The Office of the Ombuds is dedicated to ensuring fairness throughout the University and regularly makes recommendations for systemic change.The ombuds will listen to concerns, help clarify goals and interests, and help develop options to move forward. The ombuds may also make referrals to different offices on campus, coach a student on how to prepare for a difficult conversation, or help clarify UCSB procedures and policies.