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Disabled Students Program

2120 Student Resource Building
Telephone: (805) 893-2668
Fax: (805) 893-7127

Director : Gary White
E-Mail :
Web Site :

Key Programs and Services
DSP serves as the campus liaison regarding issues and regulationsrelated to students with disabilities. The DSP staff works in anadvisory capacity with campus departments to insure that equal accessis provided. DSP is also the central location for coordinating academicsupport services for eligible students with temporary and permanentdisabilities.

Students with disabilities must maintain the sameresponsibility for their education as students who are non-disabled.This includes achieving the same academic standards, attending class,maintaining appropriate behavior, and providing timely notification ofindividual needs.

DSP services include: readers for students with visualimpairments or learning disabilities; note takers for those who havelearning disabilities or physical difficulty taking class notes; signlanguage interpreters for deaf students; and scribes for students who have difficulty writing. Tape recorders, spelling checkers, talkingcalculators, and other adaptive technology are among the items for students' use inthe adaptive equipment loan program. DSP also maintains an AdaptiveTechnology Center (ATC) housed in the Davidson Library where students can usescreen readers, Braillers, enlarged print computer screens, andcomputer voice synthesizers. DSP is the office to act as the liaisonwith the State Department of Rehabilitation and provides registrationassistance to all students who qualify. The office staff conductssupplemental orientation regarding campus accessibility and to addressspecial needs.

Faculty Involvement Opportunity
When a student with a disability requires academic accommodations froma faculty member, faculty will receive an email requesting they sign onto our On Line Accommodation System at (click on the DSP Service Portal) using their UCSB Net ID. They will see a student's Letter of Accommodation (LOA), verifying a student's eligibility for their exam accommodations. This letter will clearly outline theinstructor's obligation along with the student's responsibilities andthe role of DSP.

Students are also required to submit an online proctor request to their faculty for each exam they wish to receive the accommodation, which the faculty (or departmental proxy) will fill in the details of the accommodation for the exam. Once the proctor request is submitted by the faculty or departmental proxy, DSP secures a proctor for the exam.

Faculty should encourage those students with disabilities who are notregistered with DSP to first contact the office and providedocumentation of disability prior to making any academicaccommodations. Faculty are invited to call the DSP office wheneverthey have a question or concern regarding a student with a disability.