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What Is Orientation?

What is UCSB Transfer Orientation?

Transfer Orientation is a one-day visit to UCSB where you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Receive extensive academic advising
  • Meet with department advisors in your academic major
  • Register early for fall classes after the conclusion of all of the Orientation sessions in mid-August
  • Learn about the academic environment and undergraduate research
  • Become acquainted with other new students
  • Explore ways to get involved in campus activities
  • Learn about campus life from current UCSB students
  • Become familiar with the campus and all that UCSB has to offer

What to Expect

Orientation is a great way to begin your academic career at UCSB. One of the most important things you will do during Orientation is obtain advising and course selection information for fall quarter. The type of advising provided at Orientation may be different from that of your previous institution. You will meet in small groups with an advisor from your major department.

Your attendance at Orientation will enable you to register early for your fall classes. Your registration appointment time on GOLD will be moved up to a date in mid-August after all of the Transfer Orientation sessions have concluded. Continuing students register for their classes before incoming students, so your first choice of courses may not always be available. All students will be able to register for a full load of courses appropriate for their first quarter at UCSB.

What is UCSB Parent/Family Orientation?

The people who are close to you are probably curious about what your University experience will be like and would enjoy visiting the campus with you. We have planned programs and activities for your family which will include tours of educational facilities, learning about campus services, and talking with administrators, advisors, professors, and other students. However, the actual time that family members and students spend together is limited. (See * symbol on the Program Overview). The more your family understands about the college experience, the more helpful they will be to you during your transition. Please note that although we welcome any adult member of your family (including your spouse/partner), we have no program activities for younger people. Be sure to include any adult family members on your online reservation form if they want to attend.