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The Social Programming Internship is one of five student internships offered out of the Office of Student Life. Check out other Office of Student Life Internship Opportunities

The Office of Student Life named the Social Programming Internship in honor of the late UCSB Chief of Police John L. “Mac” MacPherson, Jr. Both the job responsibilities of the Social Programming Intern and the programmatic elements of UCSB After Dark Late Nite Social Programming Fund$ fully embody the mindset, values and philosophy of Chief MacPherson and exemplify the nature of his work with the UCSB student community during his thirty four year university law enforcement career. Chief MacPherson was committed to ensuring students’ health and safety, decreasing crime and unsafe behavior, and supporting student activities which promoted having fun without excessive drinking – all important elements of the university’s alcohol and other drug strategies and social programming efforts. “One of his great skills was that Mac was able to talk directly and frankly with students, educating while never lecturing and never once attempting to bully, posture, raise his voice or even visibly show what I might describe as intimidating behavior. Interacting with students and staff alike, Mac was always professional, caring, understanding, compassionate, resourceful, very patient and accommodating. It was almost as if he was educating and advising the students as much as being a police official,” said Vice Chancellor Michael D. Young during the Celebration of Life for Chief MacPherson held in January 2005. (See other campus comments).

The MacPherson Intern oversees the UCSB After Dark Late Nite Social Programming Fund$ program and weekend events calendar. The After Dark program is the outcome of a 2003 mandatory student fee initiative which made funds available via a proposal process to student groups to present alcohol-free or non-alcohol centered social, recreational, and entertainment events scheduled on weekend evenings. Listed below are some of the projects and events the intern is responsible for coordinating.

UCSB After Dark Late Nite Social Programming Fund$

With full oversight responsibilities for the UCSB After Dark program, the intern serves as chair of the After Dark Committee, a student group representing a variety of student interests that reviews and awards allocations to student groups’ late night events. The intern also manages the application, review, and award allocation processes and oversees the disbursement of $50,000 of student funds.

UCSB After Dark Calendar

The intern is responsible for producing the UCSB After Dark weekend calendar that appears online and as a half-page ad in the Daily Nexus student newspaper every Thursday. It serves as a weekend resource for students looking for things to do on campus, around UCSB & Isla Vista, and in the communities of Goleta and Santa Barbara.

Social Programming Support

The intern assists the Special Projects Coordinator with special projects related to the university's late night social programming efforts and alcohol and other drug initiatives. The intern is also a resource for students who want to connect with others socially outside of the college party scene. The intern may be called upon to represent the UCSB After Dark Late Nite program through involvements such as attendance at Associated Students Legislative Council meetings, membership on the AOD Alternative Social Programming subcommittee, contribution to the Safer CA Universities Project, or participation on other ad-hoc student-initiated or university-wide committees related to late night programming.

Late Nite Social Program Award

During spring quarter, the intern coordinates the nomination and recommendation process for the Late Nite Social Programming Award by serving as a liaison between the Annual Activities Awards Selection & Planning Committee and the UCSB After Dark Committee. The Late Nite Social Programming Award recognizes the registered campus organization(s) whose social, recreational, or entertainment-based event or activity has exemplified the most effective and well-organized alternative to the Isla Vista party scene.

Leadership Activities

The intern is expected to participate in a variety of divisional leadership opportunities including, but not limited to, the Divisional Intern Training, Student Leader Retreat, Conference for Student Leaders, Student Affairs Student Staff Divisional Meeting, and the OSL Leadership Education and Action Program (LEAP).

University Committees

The intern may have the unique opportunity to sit on various committees, taskforces or focus groups seeking student input within the Division of Student Affairs related to campus late night social programming efforts.

Intern Selection

The MacPherson Intern participates in the recruitment and selection process for the MacPherson Intern for the following year. These efforts are chaired by the OSL Special Projects Coordinator.

Former MacPherson Interns

  • 2004 – 2006 Ignacio “Nacho” Ibarra
  • 2006 – 2008 Gary Shamoyan
  • 2008 – 2009 Elizabeth Vincent
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