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Community Service Organization

The CommunityService Organization (CSO) is a professional unit of the campuspolice department staffed by UCSB students. CSO officers provide safetyescorts on campus and in Isla Vista, patrol and serve as securityguards in residence halls and at campus events, and maintain bicycleregistration and safety programs.

Students may call for a safety escort during the evening and early morning hours by dialing (805) 893-2000 or using one of the red emergency phones on campus. CSO officers are in touch with police officers via digital radios. Escorts are free for students.

CSO officers patrol campus 365 days a year monitoring student safety and maintaining high visibility and awareness of their presence.Off-campus housing, including the Isla Vista area and family housing, is included in their patrol zone. Their Web site features a complete list of areas patrolled.

Bicycle theft is a growing concern on campus, but can easily be prevented by using effective locks and locking practices, and through bicycle registration. CSO officers recommend using a U-shaped shackle lock combined with a cable lock, as well as locking the bicycle to a designated rack, rather than to itself. Bicycle registration, which is required by campus regulations, dramatically increases the recovery rate of stolen bicycles. CSO is also responsible for bicycle safety education, bicycle violation citations and impounding, and bicycle storage ($30 fee) over the summer. For more information, please call (805) 893-2433 or send an email to cso@police.ucsb.edu