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Housing Options

Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises offers the 2&2 plan to maximize students’ housing experience at a great value. Students who live in the residence halls for 2 years are guaranteed housing in the UCSB apartments for their 3rd and 4th years. New transfer students are also guaranteed housing in the UCSB apartments for their 3rd and 4th years. To be eligible for the guarantee, students must adhere to application procedures and deadlines.

Living in UCSB Housing is not required, although there are many benefits, including meeting new people with similar interests, convenient access to campus and dining facilities, a variety of social programs, furnished rooms, and Internet access.

Information on off-campus rentals is available at the Community Housing Services web page, which is a great resource for advice and information on all housing options in the Isla Vista, Goleta, and Santa Barbara areas. Questions can be submitted to ucsbcho@housing.ucsb.edu.

If your student is unsure about where they want to live, a complete list of housing options for all types of students (first year, continuing, graduate, transfer, family, etc.) is available at the Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises website.