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Supporting Your Student

As your student attends college, you are undoubtedly concerned about how to best support him or her. You certainly want your student to be successful and to have a great college experience, both academically and socially.

It is often quite difficult for parents during their student's transition from dependence to independence. Now you may be watching your son or daughter from a distance, rather than having a front row seat. Each student and family will have a unique experience with this adjustment. Your son or daughter will have to determine what sort of relationship feels right in this new stage of life.

While enrolled at UCSB, students are expected to be fully responsible for their academics, finances, physical and mental health, and more. Additionally, they are held accountable for their actions and decisions. Parents can support their students through open communication and encouragement. It is important for parents to show care and concern and to be involved in their student's life while at the same time allowing their son or daughter to make independently make decisions and focus on new responsibilities.