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Other News Links

As a parent, if you are interested in a particular department or service on campus, please visit their Web site. Many programs have news updates on their Web sites which provide a wealth of information about their services and upcoming events for students. The A to Z index on the main UCSB website provides easy accessibility to many of the university's departmental Web sites. Some campus news Web sites that maybe of interest to Gaucho Parents are listed below.

Arts & Lectures

The Arts & Lectures Web site shares the latest news regarding upcoming performances, films, and lectures on campus. Arts & Lectures events are a great way for parents to get involved in campus. You will find the most updated information and event dates on their Web site.

Career Alliance

Career Alliance is Career Services' parent newsletter. The newsletter includes valuable information about resources available to your student and how to best support your student as he or she selects a major and pursues a career. Parents can sign up for the newsletter at the Career Alliance Web site.

Chancellor's Office

The Chancellor's Office Web site features news updates and memos recently distributed to the campus community.

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Office presents news about campus programs, community events and individuals that distinguish our campus. This includes the latest research, awards, major gifts, and student and faculty accomplishments.

UC Office of the President (UCOP)

The University of California Office of the President's Newsroom provides frequent updates on each of the ten UC campuses, including budget, health, and administrative news.