Leadership Development

Beyond a college degree, the first quality that employers look for is leadership. UCSB hosts a wide range of leadership development opportunities, including the Annual Student Leader Retreat, The Leadership Challenge® Workshop and the Annual Conference for Student Leaders.

Additionally, several workshops are scheduled quarterly and individual/organizational consultation is available free-of-charge at Leadership Development in the Office of Student Life.

The Scholarship-Leadership-Citizenship Certification Program (SLC Certification Program) is UCSB's non-academic leadership certification program. The SLC Certification Program is designed to value a diversity of styles as well as to develop awareness and understanding of various leadership approaches, styles, and attitudes and it is designed to serve and develop novice and experienced student leaders. The program provides training, experience and recognition to students who intentionally dedicate time to their leadership development during college. As students progress through the requirements, they complete professional portfolio pieces; students are encouraged to think of their portfolios as tools that might be useful when preparing a résumé or interviewing with a potential employer or graduate program.

Students interested in leadership development and certification should visit Leadership Development on-line at http://leadership.sa.ucsb.edu.