Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol has been a part of college and university life since the first colleges were founded and remains to this day the drug most abused by college students. At UCSB, the 2006 Prevention Research Center (PRC) survey indicates that 20% of students choose not to drink at all. Of the students who consume alcohol, half drink in moderation and about half have reported binge drinking. This means some UCSB students engage in high risk drinking, which can increase the risk of legal, physical, personal and/or academic consequences.

UCSB’s substance abuse policies and campus regulations prohibit the use of illegal substances and the abuse of legal substances that impair academic activities, job performance, or student life. Campus police and the Isla Vista Foot Patrol strictly enforce local and county alcohol and drug laws. Violations, including possession of alcohol as a minor, furnishing alcohol to a minor, public consumption of alcohol, and disturbing the peace may result in stiff fines, driver’s license suspension, or arrest and booking into jail.

New Student Requirement- Part 1:
As part of UCSB’s comprehensive approach to education and prevention, all new undergraduate freshmen and transfer students are required to complete the online AlcoholEDU and Haven courses. These courses include sections on alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence and were developed specifically for college students, providing personalized health information, interactive tools, and coping strategies that are up-to-date and scientifically accurate. The topics covered in the course affect the entire campus and will help students make safer and more responsible choices for themselves and the community.

The only information reported to UCSB will be name, student ID, start and completion dates, and certificate status, indicating a passing score of 80% or higher in each section. All other responses are confidential.

New Student Requirement- Part 2:
GauchoFYI, Part 2 of the First Year Requirement, is also mandatory for all new undergraduate freshmen and transfer students, and requires students to attend one 90- minute peer facilitated workshop within the first 5 weeks of Fall Quarter.

In order to successfully complete the First Year Requirement, freshmen and transfer students must complete Parts 1 and 2. Failure to complete these requirements may result in a block being put on registration and could prevent students from registering for classes in future quarters.

Details about the New Student Requirement, including how to sign up for GauchoFYI sessions, will be sent via the university email accounts by mid-August.

For questions about this requirement please call: (805) 893-2914

The parental notification process is another way UCSB addresses high risk drinking and substance abuse on campus and in Isla Vista. Letters of concern are sent to parents if students are arrested or cited for an alcohol or drug-related offense in Isla Vista. Students and parents are provided with resources and referral information. Please note that in an effort to not discourage students from seeking needed medical attention, parents are not notified if student has received emergency medical treatment. For more information about parental notification, please contact the Dean of Students Office at (805) 893-4569.

Students with alcohol and drug use problems can receive many free services from the Alcohol and Drug Program (ADP), including confidential counseling, individual and group support, alcohol and substance abuse education courses, internet tools, referrals, and private consultations. Additionally, CASE: College Alcohol and Substance Education, is a five-session course providing early intervention for college students needing to reduce their drinking and make safer choices. The CASE program is required for students who violate alcohol and drug policies in the residence halls. For more information about the Alcohol and Drug Program (ADP), please call (805) 893-5013.