Counseling Services

offers confidential personal counseling services to all registered students without an additional charge. Psychologists offer individual and group counseling for a range of issues including relationships and management of depression and anxiety. Counseling and Psychological Services

Students may also utilize the Mental Health Peer Program staffed by peer advisors. This peer program offers self-help materials, including the Egg and Massage chairs, which are available for relaxation. Phone consultation is available nights, weekends, and holidays at (805) 893-4411. Counseling and Psychological Services, located in Building 599, is open Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30. For more information, call (805) 893-4411 or visit

All meetings with psychologists are confidential and no informationis released without written consent from the student. Parents arewelcome to call Counseling Services for their own guidance andconsultation, but are not able to receive information about their son ordaughter. Counseling is also available to students and parents atnight, on weekends or on holidays by calling (805) 893-4411. For moreinformation, visit the .Counseling & Psychological Services Web site