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Sean McKenzie Hello! My name is Sean McKenzie and I am in my fourth year pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Economics and Accounting. Throughout my time here, the community has allowed me to grow in so many ways as an individual and a member of UCSB. I have been a leader for Health & Wellness, a voting member of the AS Finance Board, and an RA in Santa Catalina; but, the most consistent part of my life has been this committee here, and I am so proud of the work we do. I look forward to my final year with the committee and will be making the most of every moment spent serving and representing my fellow students. 2014-2015 will be a truly exciting year, letís have a great one!

The SFAC consists of twelve voting members, three non-voting advisors, and five non-voting ex-officio representatives from the Associated Students (AS) and the Graduate Students Association (GSA). The twelve voting members are drawn from a cross-section of the campus population which either pay the Fee, use Reg Fee Services, or are involved in the Student Fee Administration process. The voting members consist of two seniors, two juniors, two sophomores, two graduate students, two staff representatives, and two faculty representatives. The advisors are from the Planning and Budget Office as well as the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Office. The ex-officio representatives include three positions from AS (the President and both internal and External Vice-Presidents) and two from the GSA (External and Internal Presidents). These ex officio representatives are on the Committee to provide information and coordination between the SFAC and other student groups on campus.

Appointments to the Committee are for a tenure of three years. This is to insure that a high degree of expertise is maintained among Committee members and to provide for continuity. The nature of many Committee decisions is such that programs, issues, and solutions are on-going events which not only require some historical perspective, but also a great deal of foresight. Only experienced Committee members can most effectively deal with these types of events.


Join the Student Fee Advisory Committee deadline April 30th

Join the Student Fee Advisory Committee!
Decide Where your Student Fees Go!


SFAC Student Application 2015 (pdf)


Tuesday, April 7th 5-6pm Santa Rosa Formal Lounge
Wednesday, April 8th 5-6pm Santa Catalina Fiesta Room

Submit Application to Jayne Patterson
by 5pm @ 5203 Cheadle Hall

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