University of California, Santa Barbara

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Student Initiated Outreach Program (SIOP) 2015- 2016

                  SIOP ONLINE APPLICAITON:

The Student Initiated Outreach Program allocates funds to facilitate outreach projects by currently registered UCSB student organizations. Consideration is given to projects that are designed to increase the eligibility and college attendance rates of underrepresented, low-income, and other specifically identified disadvantaged populations. This includes programs that seek to motivate pre-college students by encouraging academic excellence and by introducing them to the university environment. Grants awarded to projects are based on the needs justification as presented in the application, the review committee's assessment of the amount of funds required, funding available, and the quality of the proposal based on established criteria.

Mandatory Orientation: Grant Application Deadline:
Thursday, October 29, 2015
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Student Resource Building (SRB)
Multipurpose Room
Friday, December 4, 2015

Application Guidelines

  • Only registered OSL student organizations that attend the SIOP mandatory orientation meeting (October 29, 2015) may apply for funding. Student organizations MUST be registered with OSL by the orientation date. A student organization member (not advisor) of the organization is required to attend the mandatory orientation. It is highly recommended the organization's Outreach Chair attends this orientation.
  • Applicants must complete the SIOP online application in one session at the online site: Before logging onto the application it is necessary to have a current event agenda, overall program budget and a SIOP budget (reflecting ONLY funding being requested from SIOP). Please note: There is no "save" mechanism on this online system and the program will "time out" in approximately one hour.
  • Office 2007 documents should be saved as Office 97-2003 compatible in order to be read by the online system. Link to instructions at: Acceptable document formats are listed below:

        Agenda & Questionnaire: Word (2003 or below); PDF
        Budgets: Word (2003 or below); Excel (2003 or below); PDF
        Other Docs: Word (2003 or below); Excel (2003 or below); PDF; 
            gif/jpg/jpeg images

  • Electronic signatures of the application preparer and the organization outreach chair (if applicable) are required before the application can be submitted.
  • The completed online application will automatically be sent electronically to the organization advisor for his/her signature.
  • Once an advisor has provided an electronic signature, the application is approved for review and will be forwarded to the SIOP Coordinator, for consideration.
  • Upon completion of the SIOP Coordinator review, the applicant will receive an email regarding SIOP application status.

Program Requirements

  • Requests for campus overnight accommodations must be submitted to Housing by December 2, 2015.
  • Scheduling meals in the Dining Commons must be made by meeting with Myles Parrino, Campus Visit Coordinator ( or 805-893-3331).
  • Once the SIOP Coordinator has approved an application, student representatives from the organization will be scheduled to present a proposal to the SIOP Committee. Please come prepared to answer specific questions related to your proposed program and to respond to questions regarding your organization's previous year's outreach event.
  • At least one student representative from an organization is required to attend an evaluation meeting. To schedule a meeting, please contact the SIOP Coordinator, Wendy Cordova (
  • Acceptance of each SIOP grant requires that the requesting student organization complete the following evaluation forms: Participant Evaluations, Parent Evaluations (if applicable), Program Demographic Summary, Grant Evaluation and Admission Intake Forms within TWO WEEKS of the event. Evaluation Forms may be downloaded from the SIOP Web site. NOTE: Student organizations that fail to turn in the required evaluations within the specified time frame will not be eligible for funding the following year.
  • Evaluations must be submitted in person to Wendy Cordova, SIOP Coordinator  ( or (805) 893-4891 in Office of Student Life, SRB, second floor.
SIOP Application Criteria

Applications will be ranked by the committee based on those student organizations that best meet the established criteria. Applicants should make every effort to ensure the material contained in the packet is complete, accurate, and professionally presented. The deadline for all applications is Friday, December 4, 2015. The following is taken into consideration when ranking the funding proposal:
  • Overall quality of the application packet (comprehensive funding questionnaire; complete and accurate budgets; well-organized proposal free of grammar, spelling and sentence structure errors).
  • Outreach to partnership schools including elementary, middle and junior high schools feeding into partnership schools.
  • Follow-up with SIOP participants after the outreach event (availing selves for questions, mentoring and continuing ongoing contact).
  • Success of past outreach events, based on past evaluations (if applicable).
  • Use of previous year's funding allocation, all or partial (if applicable).
  • Completion of evaluations (submitted by deadline date, late or not submitted)


    • It is strongly recommended applicants meet with the SIOP Coordinator to review the application packet prior to the online submission.
    • Applicants are required to complete the OrgSync 360 Event Planning Guide form located online at Applicants are strongly encouraged to meet with Cairo Briceno, SIOP Intern ( to review the 360 Event Planning Guide in OrgSync and complete the OSL event planning process.
    • Applications are reviewed and ranked based on established criteria. The deadline date for all applications is Friday, December 4, 2015.
    • SIOP does not fund memorabilia (e.g. T-shirts, items with logos), entertainment, gifts, decorations, prizes and speaker fees).       
    • The maximum SIOP award funded is $6,000.
    • SIOP covers one meal per day.
    • Grant funds cannot be used retroactively.
    • Funded projects cannot commence until after the grant has been awarded.
    • SIOP cannot fund events scheduled which conflict with the weekend of Spring Insight (April 8-10, 2016).