First-Year and Graduate Student Initiatives

First-Year & Graduate Student Initiatives is on a year-round mission is to bring Student Affairs services to all first-year and graduate student members of our learning community. We collaborate with departments, lead university success classes, and bring the latest, first-year information to the campus.

Don Lubach facing a chalkboard in a UCSB lecture hall.

Don Lubach, Associate Dean of Students & Director
Phone: (805) 893-8290

  • 2016 is a Good First-Year -- The Library Opens

    by Don Lubach | Jan 11, 2016
    I enjoyed walking around in the new Library this weekend with one of my favorite graduate students. What surprised me is how comfortable students are in the new space. It is as if they have been using it for years. This is a wonderful year to be one's first at UCSB. First-year students will forever look back and be able to say, "I was here the year they finished the Library's largest renovation." 
  • Professor John S.W. Park's 2011 Convocation Address

    by Don Lubach | Dec 01, 2015
    UCSB is lucky to have Professor Park supporting new students. In addition to his teaching and research, Park occasionally pens personal and informative essays addressed to UCSB students. His welcome speech from a few years back is a good example of Park's wisdom and his care for university students.
  • Navigating Holiday Conversations About Your Major, Career, Future Plans.

    by Don Lubach | Dec 01, 2015
    UCSB retiree and "Wilderness Psychologist" Dr. Dennis Nord always had great advice for Gauchos around the holiday months. Many students return home to face questions about their Ph.D. programs, their course line up for the sophomore years, or their dreams to study in Europe for a quarter or year. The conversations can get difficult. Dr. Nord's "Surviving the Holiday Grill" message has been updated over the years by the career education staff at Career Services. We love their sage advice and urge all students, grads and undergrads alike, to enjoy this piece.