Brett Yurash
SFAC Chair,
Graduate Rep

Hello fellow Gaucho scholars! My name is Brett Yurash and I’m a fifth year PhD candidate in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. My research concerns the study of fundamental optoelectronic processes in organic semiconductors with applications in photovoltaics and light-emitting diodes. Besides research, I’m a teaching assistant for the physical chemistry lecture series. Outside of the laboratory and classroom I spend my extra time working with SciTrek, a program which brings university volunteers to local elementary and junior high schools in an effort to enhance understanding of, and appreciation for, the scientific method through inquiry-based learning modules. I’m also the department representative for the Graduate Student Association. As a member of the SFAC committee I will continue to represent the needs of the collective undergraduate and graduate student body and ensure that student fees are allocated in a cost-effective, impactful manner. I’m excited to serve as chair for the 2018-2019 year and hope that, with the help of the other eager committee members, we can transform student fees into meaningful projects that directly enhance student services programs!


Tara Habibi
SFAC Vice Chair, Junior Rep

Hi everyone! I'm Tara Habibi and I'm a third year here at UCSB serving as our SFAC Vice Chair. I am passionate about student advocacy, educational affordability, and involvement in my cultural community. Outside of UCSB, I serve on the Council on Student Fees, a group representing all UC students on the issue of student fees, as the Vice Chair. On campus, I am also involved in Circle K International, TEDxUCSB, and Arts and Lectures.



Jennifer Pulido

Senior Rep

Hey Gauchos! My name is Jennifer Pulido and I am a fourth year undergraduate student pursuing my major in Biological Psychology. I work with UCPD as a Lead Community Service Officer, which gives me the unique opportunity to interact with fellow students in many different settings. This will be my third year with the committee and I am excited to continue to incorporate our students' voices along with my experiences at UCSB into the decisions we make as a committee. I am grateful to have been allowed the privilege of working with SFAC and I am thrilled to see the great things this year will bring! 


Anthony Bolden

Senior Rep

Hello! My name is Anthony Bolden, and I'm a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in Biological Psychology. I am the senior undergraduate representative for SFAC, and I'm motivated to serve my third year as a member of the committee by helping to ameliorate everyday student life. Besides being a member of SFAC, I work as a student athletic trainer in UCSB's Department of Recreation where I have the opportunity to work with hundreds of UCSBs club sport athletes. I'm also a student mentor with the Cultural Mentorship Program (CMP) for the Black Scholars Hall in Santa Rosa, a position that gives me the privilege to guide young students as they begin their undergraduate experience here at UCSB. Additionally, I love photographer and fitness, and I find any way I can to incorporate these things in my everyday life. I'm honored to play such a pivotal role in improving the quality of life for students and excited for what the year has to offer. 


Hannah Paris

Junior Rep

Hey Gauchos! My name is Hannah Paris and I am a third-year, pre-med student majoring in cultural anthropology. In addition to serving my second year on SFAC, I am working as a RA at Santa Catalina Residence Hall. This gives me the unique opportunity to interact with students and staff on an everyday basis and learn more about their needs and what they’d like to see improved on campus. I am also a member of the Honors College and UCSB’s only gender-inclusive honor fraternity Phi Sigma Pi, which helps undergraduates discover their potential by emphasizing scholarship, leadership, and fellowship. I am thrilled to be a part of this committee and excited to make changes that will improve students’ quality of life this year!


Rachel Andrews

Sophomore Rep

Hi Gauchos! My name is Rachel Andrews and I am a second year Biopsychology major. I am involved in psychological research and Women’s Rugby, both of which have exposed to various issues on campus I would like to address as a member of SFAC. As your fellow Gaucho, it is my goal to improve the quality of student life here at UCSB. I want to help make UCSB a school that we can be proud of and I am thrilled to serve such an important role here on campus.


Juanita Iheanacho

Sophomore Rep

Hello everyone! My name is Juanita Iheanacho and I am a second year Global Studies major here at UCSB. As a sophomore representative of SFAC, I want to do my part in giving back to UCSB by ensuring that its’ various campus programs are properly funded and well-equipped to enhance the overall experience of the students that they are in place to serve. Besides being a member of SFAC, I am a student mentor for Santa Rosa’s Black Scholars Hall and a note taker for the Disabled Students Program. I’m appreciative to be working with the SFAC and I am optimistic that this upcoming year will be a great one!


Jeremy Edwards

Graduate Rep 

Jeremy Edwards is a fourth year doctoral student in Education with an emphasis in Cultural and Developmental Studies. In 2014, he received his B.A. in Psychology from UCLA with a minor in Education Studies. Under the advisory of Dr. Richard Duran, his current research focuses on university partnerships with local high schools in efforts to engage in dialogue about access to higher education for low-income, first generation college-bound students. Ultimately, he is interested in how access to outreach programs can help create academic pathways for urban youth in efforts to promote academic growth and self-concept. As a continuing SFAC member, he looks forward to providing support for initiatives, programs, and services in student affairs that ultimately meet the needs of the growing student population on campus.


Staff Member 


Brenda Lear

Staff Member


Karen Myers

Faculty Rep 

Karen Myers is a Professor in the Department of Communication. She teaches courses in Organizational Communication including Marketing Communication, Organizational Communication, Organizational Membership and Small Group Communication. 


Margaret Klawunn

Advisor - Student Affairs 

Margaret Klawunn, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


Alex Ramos

Advisor - Student Affairs 

Alex Ramos is the Chief Financial Officer in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


Ambar Campos

Advisor - Budget & Planning 

Ambar Campos is an analyst in the Office of Budget and Planning and an advisor to the committee.


Jayne Patterson

Committee Support

Jayne Patterson is the Financial Analyst in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and Staff Support to the committee.