Prospective Students

How to Get Here


There are several different paths to UCSB after leaving the military or while serving in the Reserves or Guard. Sometimes these paths are unclear and daunting so we are here to provide guidance and support to all prospective students at any point in your journey. Here are the steps you will need to take:

1. Find Out if UCSB is the Right School for You
UCSB is a research university and may not offer the academic program you are interested in. For example, we don't have any business or marketing programs. Take a look at the list of offered majors here and then look at the professors in the department you are interested in to see what kind of research they are doing. 

2. Choose Your Path as a Freshman or Transfer Student
There are two application processes for undergraduates. You can either enter UCSB as a Freshman or as a Junior level transfer student. If you have completed any college course your only option will be to transfer in as a junior. For information on eligibility and selectivity visit our Paths to UCSB page.

3. Talk to Us
If you are still interested in attending UCSB at this point then please contact our Admissions Advisor as soon as possible.  The earlier you contact us the better. We can help you plan your route whether you are years out or about to fill out the application.

           Melissa Chavez
           Assistant Director, Transfer Services
           (805) 893-2599

4. Fill out your application
All the information you need about the process and timeline is right here. If you missed the deadline please contact us because there are exceptions and you may qualify for an extension. This is especially true for recently separated veterans.

5. Waive the Application Fee
There are fee waivers available for individuals who meet eligibility guidelines based on household size and family income. When you apply online, you may request a review for a fee waiver in section 8 of the UC application. The fee waiver can be used to apply to up to four UC campuses. If you wish to apply to more than four campuses, you must pay the $70 fee for each additional campus.