Housing Options at UCSB

offers a broad range of housing options for single students and families. Here are some of the perks of UCSB housing:

  • Simple and easy application process with no deposit
  • Priority consideration for graduate apartments
  • Flexible payment plans (rent can be paid in arrears to accommodate the Basic Allowance for Housing)
  • 9-month or 12-month housing contracts
  • Opportunity to be housed with other veterans/reservists
  • Apartments located on campus property or within one mile of campus
  • Accommodation for emotional support and service animals

Here are the different options:

Family Housing: 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments
Name: Storke & West Campus
Info: Must either be in a long term relationship with live-in partner or have children or both. Priority is given to students with children.     
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Studio Apartments: Single Occupancy
Names: Tropicana Villas, Westgate
Info: This is the only non-family option where you can live without roommates. Close to campus. These studios are very limited so be sure to apply as early as possible.
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Graduate Apartments: 2 or 4 Bedroom Apartments, 1 Person per Room
Name: San Clemente Villages
Info: Veteran Undergraduates qualify for graduate apartments. Shared living room and bathroom. Close to campus. These apartments are a great value.
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Shared Room Options: Shared bedroom & bathroom
Name: El Dorado, San Joaquin, Santa Ynez, Sierra Madre Villages, Tropicana Villas, Westgate
Info: The most affordable option available for those who don't mind bunking up. These are not dorms; they are apartments.
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