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 Alexandra Splan

Alexandra Splan
VA Certifying Official & Veteran Financial Aid Advisor
2103 Student Affairs & Administrative Services Building

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Veteran Education Benefits

We understand how important veteran education benefits are to our student veterans, service members and their families and we are committed to giving them the best service possible. The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is responsible for certifying VA educational benefits for veterans, National Guard and Reserve members, and dependents of veterans. Information is also provided for students serving on active duty using the Military Tuition Assistance benefit. More Information can be found by visiting the UCSB Veterans Benefits website at

Contact Alex for questions about veteran benefits or visit our office.

Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is always working behind the scenes to ensure that student Veterans receive the best financial aid award possible. In fact, Veterans Benefits are treated more favorably than other types of external resources. In most cases student Veterans can qualify for both Veteran Benefits and also for some traditional types of financial aid.

Don’t forget to file a FAFSA to maximize your aid! Veterans are automatically treated as independent students for Financial Aid purposes, which can greatly increase the amount of aid for which you may be eligible. If you missed the March 2nd Priority Deadline, it’s still not too late to file the FAFSA. Submit an On-Time Status appeal if you missed the deadline.

For additional financial resources, check out the Money Matters Resource Guide (PDF).

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Contact Alex for questions about financial aid or visit our office.