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2023-24 Annual Report ElementsPDF225.05 KB Download
Marketing and Media-- A quick-start guide to sharing your department’s story and impactPDF2.63 MB Download
Assessing and responding to the changing needs of students and instructors, facilitated by Drs. Lisa Berry and Mindy ColinPDF1.74 MB Download
Appreciative Inquiry The Art of the QuestionPDF26.34 KB Download
Native Students' Expectations of the UniversityPDF1.52 MB Download
Developing Learning and Operational OutcomesPDF560.13 KB Download
Learning and Operational Outcome Statements TemplatePDF20.05 KB Download
Linking Action Verbs to Assessment TechniquesPDF110.72 KB Download
Data Collection MethodsPDF1022.13 KB Download
Focus Groups--The BasicsPDF786.11 KB Download
Qualitative Coding using Atlas.tiPDF172.22 KB Download
Qualitative Coding SummaryPDF154.53 KB Download
Data and Analytics for Student SuccessPDF775.68 KB Download
Library Research Quick Tips Search StrategiesPDF208.10 KB Download
Student Affairs Strategic Plan PresentationPDF1.27 MB Download
Student Affairs Strategic Plan FlyerPDF1.09 MB Download
CompetenciesPDF152.47 KB Download
Mixed Methods Assessment PlanningPDF423.10 KB Download
Co-Curricular Assessment and WSCUCPDF1.55 MB Download

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Using Videos To Tell Your Story

Marketing and Media:  A quick-start guide to sharing your department’s story and impact

Transfer Students' Experiences Navigating Financial Aid

Native Students' Expectations of the University

Factors Impacting Transfer Student Degree Completion