Training & Resources

To align assessment with Student Affairs’ Mission, Principles of Community and competencies for the profession and higher education, the following references serve as the guides and theoretical frameworks for Student Affairs’ assessment.

Student Affairs Mission


Intersection of competencies and theoretical frameworks for assessment

WASC Accreditation Handbook


Transfer Students' Experiences Navigating Financial Aid:

In this presentation, Sara Cook, Associate Registrar, will report on her research project: Transfer Student Time-to-Degree in a California Public University.

Native Students’ Expectations of the University:

In this presentation, Keri Bradford-Gomez (Choctaw) will report on her research project: The Higher Education Experiences of Native American Students: A Qualitative Study of Historical Trauma, Identity, and Institutional Support.

Transfer Students' Experiences Navigating Financial Aid:

In this presentation, Brenda Curiel, Assistant Director of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), will report on her research project: Building Bridges Between Transfer Students and Financial Aid Awareness.

Gavin Henning Assessment Training:

To launch the Assessment Initiative on April 22, 2014, Dr. Gavin Henning from New England College served as the training consultant for the Division of Student Affairs. His training materials can be accessed below.

Gavin Henning Training Materials


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