Dream Scholars Resource Team

The Dream Scholars Resource Team (DSRT) mission is to develop an awareness and understanding of the experiences of undocumented and AB 540 eligible students (while maintaining the confidentiality of individual students) and to develop campus responses and processes to address their needs related to persistence, retention, and graduation. 

At UCSB, our Dream Scholars are served by staff, faculty and students from across the campus. Committee members represent different entities across campus that work directly with students, including faculty conducting research relevant to Dream Scholars and those working in policy areas that impact Dream Scholars. Our program design and philosophy is to have as many departments as possible responsible for Dream Scholars’ needs, resources, policies, advocacy, education, and support.

The goal of the campus Dream Scholars Resource Team is to:

  • Review campus, UC, state and federal policies and implement a campus plan that is compliant and supportive of the needs of UCSB students.
  • Clearly reinforce the values of the University to maintain a diverse student body and advocate for the needs of student communities.
  • Assess the needs of Dream Scholars in the areas of student development, academic support, wellness, finances, career preparation, extracurricular opportunities and advocacy.
  • Refer legal assistance needs to qualified legal counsel.
  • Assist in the education and awareness of the campus community.
  • Provide avenues to support experiential opportunities for career and professional development.
  • Facilitate financial hurdles and work toward their resolution.
  • Develop a community of support and mentorship at all levels of the university’s mission.
  • Increase dialogue, collaboration and problem solving amongst key departments.
  • Maintain the integrity needs for the confidentiality and identity of Dream Scholars.

DSRT Chair
Diana Valdivia | Undocumented Student Services

DSRT Members (attend DSRT meetings & represent department)
Cuca Acosta | Admissions
Allina Mojarro | Associated Students
Maddie Foster | Career Services
Jennifer Kam | Faculty from Communication
Silvia Bermudez | Faculty from Spanish and Portuguese
Miguel Eckstein | Faculty from Psych, Brain and Sciences

Ozzie Espinoza | Educational Opportunity Program
Jennifer Leon | Educational Opportunity Program
Ronaldo Noche | Multicultural Center
Saul Quiroz | Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
Luis Naranjo | Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
Rebecca Plotkin | Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
Esmeralda Tranquilino | Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
Lupe Navarro-Garcia | Student Academic Support Services
Katherin Quintanilla | BARC
Jessica Adams | CAPS
Mirian Gutierrez | Early Academic Outreach Program
Enrique Guzman | Early Academic Outreach Program
Julia Choi | Housing
Terrie Tran | Housing
Anna Manuel | UC Immigrant Legal Services Center

DSRT Partners (represent department)
Dori Friesen | Office of the Registrar
Emma Cristofani | CLAS

Student Representation