Past Interns

This page is dedicated to the past Goodspeed Interns and their extraordinary efforts in improving our campus and community. Interns of the past have worked extensively in campus organizations, including student groups, the Office of Student Life, and Associated Students and have made lasting contributions to the campus even before taking office as the Goodspeed Intern.

Once selected, interns have continually worked to improve and maintain the relationship between faculty, staff, and students. Past interns provide a great example of the types of leaders and accomplishments which define the Goodspeed Internship.


2022-23 Katie Zentgraf

2021-22 Jennisa Casillas

2020-21 Liseth Santos-Solano

2019-20 Stephanie Sellin 

2018-19 Berenice Lopez

2017-18 Hailey Phelan

2016-17 Christian Ortiz Gonzalez

2015-16 Saxon Cropper-Sykes

2014-15 Emily Potter

2013-14 Natalie Gonzalez

2012-13 Andrea Valenzuela

2011-12 Roy Rodriguez

2010-11 Amanda Napoles

2009-10 Chad Mandala

2008-09 Clayton "Clay" Carlson

2007-08 Leila Jelloule

2006-07 Timothy Finney

2005-06 Joaquin Becerra

2004-05 Michael B. Jackson

2003-04 Kassi Weist

2002-03 Manuel Silva

2001-02 Kenechukwu (KC) Mmeje

2000-01 Melcher Peter Fabi

1999-00 Harley J. Augustino

1998-99 Julia Boyd

1997-98 Smita A. Nayak

1996-97 Kellie Germany

1995-96 Yasmin J. Tarver

1994-95 Geoff Green

1993-94 Michelle Waltuck

1992-93 Michael Sacks

1991-92 Suran Thrift

1990-91 Martha Michelle Banks

1989-90 Monique Robertson

1988-89 Amy Messenger

1987-88 Tom Lidot

1986-87 Joan Patterson

1985-86 Heidi Heller

1984-85 Ed Trickey

1983-84 Todd Hauptli

1982-83 Beth Tucker

1981-82 Brett Doney & Leslie Marcus

1980-81 Leslie Byrd

1979-80 Sheila Simpson