Emergency Information

The safety of all members of the UCSB community is of utmost importance to our campus. Your registration in the UCSB ALERT emergency notification service will enable us to deliver emergency messages to you in the shortest time possible. It is important that you sign up for UCSB ALERT as part of your personal emergency preparedness plans.

If you are a new student or didn’t sign up for UCSB ALERT last year, please go to http://alert.ucsb.edu/ and login with your U-Mail address and password. All we need is your cell phone information. Please know that the personal information gathered from this site is protected as described in the Privacy Statement at the bottom of the web page.

UCSB ALERT complements other tools we already use to advise the campus community during crises or emergencies.

  • U-Mail Email System
  • FM 91.9 KCSB Radio Station
  • AM 1610 UCSB Information Radio Station
  • www.ucsb.edu
  • 1-888-488-UCSB (8272) for a recorded message

Effective emergency response requires personal preparedness and planning. We strongly encourage you to register for UCSB Alert today.