Faculty & Staff Referral Guide

What do I do if a student...

  • Tells me he/she has extreme test anxiety?
    Counseling Services, x4411
    Campus Learning Assistance Services, x3269

  • Turns in an assignment that reflects poor writing skills?
    Writing Program, x2613
    Campus Learning Assistance Services, x3269

  • Needs help writing a resume?
    Career Services, x4412

  • Wants to explore non-academic job opportunities?
    Career Services, x4412

  • Discloses that he/she is confused about his/her sexuality?
    Counseling Services, x4411
    Gay/Lesbian-Bisexual Support Services, x4578

  • Appears to be drunk or on drugs in class?
    Student Health Services, Alcohol & Drug Program, x5013

  • Complains about feeling isolated on campus?
    Counseling Services, x4411
    Educational Opportunity Program, x3235
    MultiCultural Center, x8411
    Office of Student Life, x4550
    Women's Center, 3778

  • Tells me he/she has a learning or physical disability?
    Disabled Students Program, x8897

  • Is experiencing emotional problems?
    Counseling Services, x4411

  • Is an International Student experiencing problems with his/her legal status, or feels isolated, etc.?
    Office of International Students & Scholars, x2929

  • Reports sexual harassment?
    Sexual Harassment Officer, Women's Center, x3778

  • Has cheated or plagiarized?
    Office of Student Life, x4569

  • Reports sexual harassment or racial harassment?
    Office of Student Life, x4569
    Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs, x3651
    Ombuds Office, x3285

  • Has questions regarding academic requirements, change of major, etc.?
    College of Letters & Science, x3201
    College of Engineering, x2809
    College of Creative Studies, x2364

  • Discloses he/she has been sexually assaulted?
    Rape Prevention Education Program, x3778
    Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center, 569-2255

  • Has a problem not addressed by any of the above?
    Office of Student Life, x4569

  • What do I do if I...

    • Need to change a student's grade?
      Office of the Registrar, x2681

    • Need an updated list of students in my class?
      Office of the Registrar, x3602

    • Need to locate a student?
      Student Locator Service, x7212

    • Wish to confirm a student is currently registered at UCSB?
      Office of Student Life, x4569

    What do I do in an emergency...
    University Police: 9-911
    24 hours a day, all daysCommunity Hotline & Referral service: 569-2255
    24 hours a day, all days