Any UCSB student regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion who has paid student registration fees is eligible to apply. Students who graduated are also eligible to receive funding up to one quarter after their graduation date if they incurred a medical emergency during a quarter they were enrolled.

What makes you eligible?

  • Inability to pay existing or anticipated medical, dental, psychological or optical expenses.
  • The medical emergency must have occurred during a quarter the student was enrolled at UCSB.
  • Examples: vehicle/bike accidents, sports accidents, medical or psychological conditions and surgical needs.

What makes you ineligible?

  • Requests regarding non-emergency incidents such as housing, child care, school supplies, or elective procedures.
  • Medical or dental balances charged to carecredit accounts
  • Medical expenses for relatives or dependents.
  • Bills already paid (no reimbursements or personal loans from anyone)
  • Examples: braces, fertility treatments, lasik eye surgery, and gastric bypass

Important Requirements for Dental Applicants:

  • Once the CANFIELD/SMERF Chair or Account Manager receives your application, the committee will direct applicants to schedule a free dental consultation with UCSB Student Health.
  • Before the consultation, the applicant should gather dental records, x-rays and treatment estimates if available.
  • The dental consultation with UCSB Student Health must be complete before the SMERF committee can begin review.

Information provided by the applicant is confidential.