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Our Featured Fund: The Dream Scholar Fund

Photo of IDEAS graduates

dream scholar logoThe Dream Scholar Fund was established at UC Santa Barbara in 2013. to provide scholarships for undocumented students--dream scholars. These students face significant financial challenges as they do not qualify for federal aid to help them pay for their education.


  • $7,500: Amount in financial aid gap in 2016-17 for each Dream Scholar, due to lack of access to federal aid
  • 350%: Percentage increase of Dream Scholars at UCSB since the Fund was established in 2013
  • 315: Number of Dream Scholars enrolled at UCSB for 2016-17
  • 50%: Percentage of Dream Scholars who reported family income levels below $25,000 in 2014-15

Make a gift online to support our featured fund by going to www.giving.ucsb.edu and select “Dream Scholar Fund” 

To discuss other gift options or if you have questions about Student Affairs, please contact Catherine Boyer, Executive Director, Student Affairs Grants and Development, (805) 893-5037 or catherine.boyer@sa.ucsb.edu