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Dream Scholar Fund

Dream Scholar Fund Scholarship Recipients

Since the Dream Scholar Fund was established in 2013, we have awarded over $26,000+ in scholarships totaling 38 scholarships to Dream Scholars with significant financial need, proven academic accomplishments, and community involvement. At the end of Fall 2018, we will be awarding $10,000 worth in scholarships.

Learn more about some of our Dream Scholar Fund Scholarship Recipients:

"I am currently studying sociology and am exploring a minor in applied psychology. I love learning about the history of different communities and connecting it to today's society. This year I am the internal affairs chair for the student-led Filpino interest organization, Kapatirang Pilipino, and a Undocumented Students Services intern for the programming team. These two communities have helped me grow both as an individual and a student leader."
Kate, 2nd Year, Sociology, Expected Graduation 2021

Learn more on the impact these scholarships have had on students:

"I am so excited to be receiving this award. My parents had just been speaking with me about how it was becoming harder and harder to pay for my college tuition. I am now and forever grateful to the Undocumented Student Services for allowing me to continue to pursue my dreams of attending medicine school" 

Aziz,1st Year, Pre-Biology, Expected Graduation 2020

"The money I am receiving is more than monetary. To me, it is a key to my future along with a much needed sense of support. As a fourth year student studying Electrical Engineering I have had my share of worries about rent, food and financial issues"

Bernando, Graduating Senior, Electrical Engineering, Graduated Spring 2017

"First and foremost, I am beyond thankful for awarding me the Dream Scholar Fund Scholarship.  Having this scholarship money is really helpful to me right now, in a time of financial necessity. With the 1,000 dollars I will generously receive from the Dream Scholar Fund Scholarship, I will utilize the money in various different expenses...this scholarship will help me alleviate the financial distress of scraping money from all places to meet (my basic needs)".

Monica, 2nd year, Environmental Studies, Expected Graduation Spring 2019