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June 13 2016: Response to Orlando Violence

As UCSB celebrated the joyous occasion of graduation this past weekend, we also held a moment of silence as part of each ceremony on Sunday to signal our solidarity in standing against the violence that killed 50 people and injured 53 others in a nightclub in Orlando in the early morning hours.  The flag on our campus is lowered today as a sign of our sadness. As of now, we are not aware of any UCSB community members who have been directly involved.

It is important to speak out against the hate that motivated a shooter to kill people in an LGBTQ nightclub at a Latinx-themed event. We also speak out against the Islamophobia that has followed news of the incident. Hatred and violence towards LGBTQ people, and particularly LGBTQ people of color, continue to impact our society. This tragedy leaves many LGBTQ people, as well as their families, friends,  and allies, feeling fearful, distressed, anxious, and confused.

Most of all, we remember how important it is to work every day to realize a society where all identities are celebrated and where it is safe to affirm one’s identity in community and solidarity with others.

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June 6 2016: Message to the Campus Community

This has been a complicated year for our campus community. Mirroring the national political scene, there have been various events, programs, and chalking that have challenged members of our community and the UCSB Principles of Community which are listed below.

Students, faculty and staff have expressed concerns about disrespectful and offensive statements that are intended to provoke upset.  Although we endorse the principles of free speech, and the free exchange of ideas, as well as a speaker’s legal right to offend, remarks at some events were widely perceived to undermine our sense of community and violate our norms of civil discourse.

The UCSB community is strong and resilient. I appreciate the ways in which those who felt challenged, hurt, insulted, or otherwise by the words and actions of various speakers have used these events as an opportunity to support your friends and colleagues, to plan counter-events, or just to speak up. I appreciate those who are modeling respectful and civil questioning and expression, who understand that constructive discourse, no matter how passionate, should not result in degradation. 

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