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   UCSB Ocean Waters: Health Hazards Update

UCSB Environmental Health & Safety has thoroughly tested our campus beaches (Lot 6, Campus Point, Manzanita Beach) and determined they no longer need to be closed for health reasons.

However, Santa Barbara County Public Health testing continues to show high bacterial levels at Goleta Beach, Hammonds Beach and Carpinteria Beach. The ocean waters remain closed to any ocean water activities, and Public Health strongly advises people to refrain from eating recreationally caught raw fish and shellfish when levels of bacteria highly exceed standards. Due to the risk of illness with high bacteria levels, Public Health urges the public to respect the buffer zone of 400 feet on both sides where sediments from the mud flows are being placed. Avoid the buffer zone, which is marked by the orange fencing. 

Further information can be found in their February 7th press release.

Student Health is open regular hours and can see any students concerned about health effects of ocean exposure. 

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Student Affairs 2016-2017 Annual Report


As valued community members and UCSB supporters, we invite you to take a look at our 2016-2017 Annual Report for UCSB’s Division of Student Affairs. Within our ongoing divisional assessment initiative, the report highlights this past year’s learning and operational outcomes and provides evidence of the immense impact of our widespread services across campus. As I enter my third year as Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, I am thrilled to be a part of the continuous growth, spirit, and strength of the UCSB community. Across Student Affairs’ departments and programs, we are proud of the work we do each day and of our influence in the lives of the students we serve.

Margaret Klawunn
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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