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Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs
Welcome to Student Affairs


I am Michael Young, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at UCSB. I am responsible for many of the non-academic departments on campus that exist to serve the student body, including everything from Admissions and Financial Aid to Student Health, Counseling & Psychological Services, Career Services, the MultiCultural Center, and the Children's Centers—more than 20 departments in all.

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Within these departments students can find academic and personal support; recreational, social, and cultural activities; leadership programs and internship opportunities. Whether you are a new or continuing student, I encourage you to take advantage of our many services and the countless opportunities available to you in the Division of Student Affairs. I also encourage you to become a part of campus efforts to maintain a safe, positive, respectful, and healthy community. As members of the UCSB community we have an obligation to uphold a high standard of behavior and to create a community that values diversity and remains free from bigotry and intolerance—a campus that, through its welcoming and open atmosphere, provides the perfect medium for the free exchange of ideas. Being a student at a world-class institution confers privilege, prestige, and unique opportunity, but it also obligates students to meet a set of standards and to fulfill certain expectations. I ask three things of all students in our academic community: scholarship, leadership, and citizenship. If you hold to these values, your time at UCSB will be more meaningful and what you take away at graduation will be infinitely more valuable. Student Affairs staff share these values and are here to help you achieve your academic and personal goals. I invite you to explore the many services and opportunities available to you and to drop by and meet our friendly and dedicated staff in the Student Resource Building and other locations on campus.


Michael D. Young
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Twitter: @VC_MichaelYoung



Natalie Gonzalez
Stephen S. Goodspeed Intern
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Years with UC: 3

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year Gauchos!

My name is Natalie Gonzalez and I am a fourth-year Global Studies and Spanish double major, minoring in Education. I am extremely excited to be working in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs as this school year's Stephen S. Goodspeed Intern! I would like to welcome all new and continuing students to this brand new school year. Are you ready?

The Division of Student Affairs works diligently to provide our campus with the best resources for us, the students! Learn more about our departments like: Career and Counseling Services, Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, Student Health Services, Health and Wellness, Educational Opportunity Program, Disabled Students Program, Greek Affairs, and many more! Not only can you seek guidance from these departments, but many of them offer students positions that can contribute to your professional development.

So keep working on your academic achievements, sharpen up your leadership skills, and learn more about yourself socially. We, at the Division of Student Affairs, are here to help by providing you with these opportunities. I encourage you to explore what this diverse campus has to offer!
Best Wishes,
Natalie Gonzalez


The Mental Health Peer Interns at "psychJAM,"
a 3x3 philanthropy basketball tournament
       Since our founding over three years ago, the Mental Health Peer Interns have played a vital role in student mental health services by developing mental health related programming for UCSB students. Working under the supervision of the Assistant Coordinator of Student Mental Health Services in the Dean of Students Office, our focus includes reducing the stigma associated with mental health issues, increasing awareness of UCSB support for students experiencing mental health difficulties, and highlighting the importance of seeking help and support. Over the course of a typical year our programming encompasses awareness campaigns, student events, and outreach activities. In addition, we assist with research on mental health issues, implementation of on-going intervention and prevention strategies and other administrative projects. In 2009, the Mental Health Peer Interns became a registered UCSB student organization and we began to partner with other mental health and wellness related student organizations on campus to achieve common goals and share our message with as many students as possible.

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As mental health peer interns, we have the privilege to be advocates for students seeking information about mental health resources. We educate students about mental health illnesses and symptoms while promoting a proactive approach to mental health. To foster the development of an open and aware campus community we host events, campaigns, and workshops that educate students about mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, and explain where to seek help when fighting them.

One of the most striking statistics tells that 1 in every 7 college students suffers from depression or another mental health disorder. As interns, we work to influence that one student to seek the help they need. We also work to educate the other six, as mental illness affects us all. An important lesson us interns have learned is that, although a student may not be suffering from an illness his/herself, they are often a friend, roommate, classmate, or ally of someone who is. We encourage students to seek help as soon as possible and how to be a true friend when a friend is in need.

We try to SPEAK UP and STAND UP against the stigma commonly experienced by those suffering with a mental illness. We hope to change the conversation around mental health on our campus so those that need help feel safe seeking it. We hope that our efforts help those students suffering in silence and those around them as well.

Collaborating with other student led groups and organizations like the Wellness Interns and Active Minds, we have increased awareness about campus resources and helped to minimized the number of students who may be suffering in silence. Tabling at several events this academic year has been quite an experience. Students consistently approach our table with all kinds of questions, questions that we are working to answer and normalize. Students have many questions about mental health and this gives us hope that students are starting to talk about this historically taboo topic.

We believe that mental health awareness is on the rise, but that there is still stigma that we must work to eliminate. UCSB is a place with a unique culture and diverse students. We feel that students at UCSB are well rounded and want the best for their friends and loved ones. We work to help students know where to go, who to call, and how to respond when they encounter a friend in need.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the Sean Vernon Feliciano Amazing Day Foundation, a Greek Mental Health Intern position was created this year. The Greek Mental Health Intern specializes in outreach to the UCSB Greek community and acts as a liaison to the Greek Community and the Mental Health Peer Intern program. In addition to workshops and other programming and events, the Greek Intern has worked to revitalize the Greek Resource Liaison program which educates and provides training for the student resource liaisons that each fraternity and sorority on campus is required to appoint.

Have some questions and want some answers? Contact us at, or on our Facebook page "UCSB Mental Health Interns"

Mental Health Peer Interns 2010-2011
Haley Knudson
Amanda Caruana
Kimberli Williams
Scott Mendoza

Greek Mental Health Intern 2010-2011
Ryan Franco

Supervisor/Assistant Coordinator of Student Mental Health Services
Ryan Sims