Counseling & Psychological Services

UCSB is committed to providing a quaility learning environment. Faculty, TAs, and staff will often be the first to encounter a student who is in distress. Encouraging and helping the student to seek assistance with the approriate campus and community resources is key. UCSB has multiple professionals poised to respond to distressed students. These staff members include social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and coordinators of student mental health services. Student Mental Health Coordination Services is a readily accessible single point of contact for staff, faculty and students who are concerned about a distressed student. The coordinators will consult about a student, provide referrals to campus departments, develop action plans, and follow up with students, staff and faculty as appropriate.

Referral Identifiers

Student distress may manifest in concerning behavior or in the reaction the behaviors may elicit in others. If you notice any of the following behaviors or reactions, the Distressed Student Protocol will assist you in responding to the student and providing appropriate referrals.


Student Behavior

  • Behavioral or emotional changes
  • Withdrawal or isolation
  • Change in hygiene or appearance
  • Decline in academic performance
  • Excessive or inappropriate anger
  • Bizarre thoughts or behavior
  • Expressing suicidal statements

Staff/Faculty Reactions to Student’s Behavior

  • Feeling uncomfortable about student’s comments or behavior
  • Concern about student’s ability to function
  • Feeling alarmed or frightened