UCSB Veteran & Military Services

Navigating the various university, state and federal programs, rules and regs can be a headache. We are here to alleviate the pain by providing top-notch customer service to all veterans, service members and their families during every step of their journey here at UCSB.

Whether you are a future, current or past student please get in touch with us if you have any questions or want to get involved. 


Administrative Lead for Veteran and Military Services

Max Peck      (805) 893-4724     max.peck@sa.ucsb.edu

Job Duties:

- VA Education Benefits Advising (health care, claims, insurance, etc...) 
 - Connects students to campus and community resources
- Career and Academic Advising
- Co-Chairs UCSB Veteran Resource Team
- Advocacy  services and policy making
- Outreach

Alexandra Splan

VA Certifying Official & Financial Aid Advisor

Alexandra Splan      (805) 893-8905      alexandra.splan@sa.ucsb.edu

Job Duties:

- Financial Aid Advising & Processing
- VA Education Benefits Advising & Processes

- California Veteran Benefits Advising & Processing

- Co-Chairs UCSB Veteran Resource Team