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Money Matters

Dear Student,

At UCSB, we know that your success as a student is based not only on academic achievement, but also on your ability to stay in balance physically, emotionally, socially, and – not least of all – financially. We also know that students are not immune to the challenges we face nationwide in hard economic times and that this can lead to undue hardship and stress.

This guide is a tool to help you navigate your finances day to day and access emergency help when you need it. It includes sections on sound money management and ways to ensure that your income is adequate to meet your needs. Because unforeseen events and emergencies do happen, the Money Matters guide also offers information on staff contacts, emergency funding, and low-cost services in the local community.

We encourage you to read this guide carefully, enlist all the support you can, and come up with an action plan that is right for you. Starting good habits now will support you for a lifetime.

To your continued success,

Michael D. Young, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Debbie Fleming, M.P.H.
Senior Associate Dean, Students Life

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Money Matters
Cash Course