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Santa Barbara Rain and Weather Information


March 20, 2018

Yesterday afternoon, students received the below message regarding expected heavy rain in the Santa Barbara area. With the conclusion of winter quarter approaching, we are aware that many families may be traveling to Santa Barbara and many students may be traveling home. Please consult the Caltrans website for road conditions and other travel information:  

Dear Students, 

The forecast for the next few days, March 20-22, is for a severe storm. You can expect lots of rain, particularly tomorrow, and dangerous surf and ocean conditions, as well as potential for urban flooding, particularly in the areas below the Thomas, Whittier, Sherpa and Rey Fire burn areas. Thankfully, the campus is not in any danger from the burn areas, but heavy rains may still affect our area in unpredictable ways; including possible cliff erosion along Del Playa Drive.  

UCSB will be in communication with Santa Barbara County and will send out a UCSB Alert if needed for the campus. The County will be sending out alerts as needed for Santa Barbara County areas, including Isla Vista. To sign up for the County alerts register at

The County of Santa Barbara will post storm updates and emergency information, including updates about any Isla Vista/Del Playa cliff issues at Information is also available on the SB County Twitter feed @countyofsb.

Please read the following tips to ensure your safety over these next few days and throughout the rainy season this winter quarter:

  • During rain and storms, stay out of the ocean, away from cliffs and beaches, and beach access areas. Unpredictable surf, waves, and high tides can be dangerous.
  • Avoid flooded areas when driving, biking, and walking. If your car stalls in a flooded area, evacuate the vehicle as soon as possible and do not attempt to move a stalled vehicle.
  • Do not swim in the ocean for three days following rain because of potentially high levels of contaminants and bacteria in water.
  • Stay away from downed power lines, and do not attempt to remove any downed trees or branches.
  • Attention Isla Vista and Del Playa residents: Rains and heavy surf can erode and undercut bluffs overhanging the beach. Do not walk underneath cliffs due to danger of rock falls and slides. Stay off of balconies and patios during heavy rain and storms. Concerns about cliff erosion that may threaten the stability of a building in Isla Vista can be reported to Santa Barbara County Planning and Development Building & Safety Division at (805) 568-3558. Complaints about building/zoning violations can be submitted online at
  • Immediate concerns about your apartment/house or property (roof leaks, clogged rain gutters, flooding, unstable railings/pilings/supports, or cliff erosion) should be reported to your property owner or manager. Emergencies should be reported to 911. In the event of any displacement of any residents due to storm events, the County has agreements in place with the Red Cross to open up emergency shelter at Earl Warren Showgrounds, Warren Hall, 3400 Calle Real, Santa Barbara, CA 93105 at noon tomorrow (March 20). 

Stay safe, 

Division of Student Affairs and Associated Students

     University of California, Santa Barbara   

Recent Campus Messages from the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Message to Campus Community 3/21/18

Last week, a campus organization registered at UCSB posted some photos on Facebook that they labeled as supporting armed resistance against alleged Israeli imperialism. The photos depicting guns have since been removed from Facebook.

The images were upsetting to those who felt that they encouraged violence against supporters of Israel.  In the context of the elevated concern about gun violence in the United States since the Parkland, Florida shooting, the timing contributed to the sense that the photos were threatening. We heard from UCSB community members who felt threatened by the photos and message, and we understand and support their concern. 

The First Amendment protects the rights of students to express their political views even when others find them offensive. Although the campus organization’s use of the photos and captioning are constitutionally protected, we appreciate that Facebook took the photos down for “violating their community standards”. We encourage all members of the UCSB community to be sensitive and respectful to the perspectives of others and to remember that we have an educational goal and commitment to one another within this community of higher education that we all share. At UC Santa Barbara, our Principles of Community include striving “individually and collectively to make UC Santa Barbara an inclusive environment in which to live, work, and learn”. We promote the rights of all students, regardless of political or religious beliefs or national identity, to study and live in a welcoming campus community. 

Complicated and controversial issues about which people feel strongly are difficult to discuss through images and slogans. We urge all members of our community to come together to engage in respectful dialogue, especially where they disagree.

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Student Affairs 2016-2017 Annual Report


As valued community members and UCSB supporters, we invite you to take a look at our 2016-2017 Annual Report for UCSB’s Division of Student Affairs. Within our ongoing divisional assessment initiative, the report highlights this past year’s learning and operational outcomes and provides evidence of the immense impact of our widespread services across campus. As I enter my third year as Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, I am thrilled to be a part of the continuous growth, spirit, and strength of the UCSB community. Across Student Affairs’ departments and programs, we are proud of the work we do each day and of our influence in the lives of the students we serve.

Margaret Klawunn
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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