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Students are encouraged to make use of UCSB’s Student Health Dental Care Center, which offers lower rates than many other dental offices. Registered students who purchase UCSB’s student health insurance have dental coverage included, which may be used either at UCSB or other network dentists. More information can be found at, or call the Dental Care Center at (805) 893-2891, or the Student Health Insurance Office at (805) 893-2592.

If you find that you are unable to pay for dental expenses, you might look into one of the funding sources below. If you’re experiencing financial challenges related to complex, ongoing, or long-term dental care, you’re encouraged to meet with a UCSB social worker, who can provide referrals, problem-solving assistance, and information on funding and other options (see below).

AS/EOP Emergency Grants – Dental
These are available to Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) students receiving need-based financial aid who have exhausted other resources. These grants are issued as reimbursement funding for emergency-type dental services only. Grants for teeth cleaning alone will not be approved unless it is part of a more extensive dental service. The medical emergency needs to have occurred while the student was enrolled in classes. Turnaround time: Usually 1-2 weeks. The deadline for submissions is every Thursday at 2 p.m. for review for the following week. Required documentation: A written statement describing the circumstances and the amount requested to be addressed to the EOP director; application form (obtained from an EOP counselor); original receipts for items that are being covered; photo ID. How to apply: Schedule an appointment to meet with an EOP counselor to discuss eligibility and details by calling (805) 893-4758. You do not need to have all your documentation ready at the time of the appointment.

Community Dental Clinics and Resources
Students who choose to pursue services other than those available at Student Health can explore other, low-cost options in the community. To learn more about the Eastside Family Dental Clinic (part of Santa Barbara Community Clinics), visit, or call (805) 884-1998. In addition, you can find a listing of local dental clinics and resources through the 2-1-1 Santa Barbara County helpline, accessible by dialing 211 or visiting, or the Santa Barbara-Ventura County Dental Society at

Social Worker Support
If you are navigating challenging dental care, financial, and other situations, you can receive advice at no cost from a UCSB social worker. They can help identify your needs, recommend resources, and work with you on a plan of action. Social workers are available to students for one quarter after they have withdrawn from UCSB, and will assist with the transition to community resources. To schedule an appointment, call (805) 893-3087.

Student Health – Dental Insurance Information
Registered students, recently graduated students, or students on leave of absence, who purchase UCSB student health insurance have dental coverage included, which may be used either at UCSB or other network dentists. Insurance information can be found at or call the Student Health Insurance Office at (805) 893-2592. You can also send a confidential email to this office through the Student Health website.

“The Jack Canfield Chicken Soup for the Soul” Student Medical Emergency Relief Fund (SMERF)
This fund provides grants to students with expenses related to medical, dental, psychological, and optical emergencies. For the purposes of this fund, a medical emergency is a condition, injury, or illness that poses a risk to a person’s life, long-term health, or well-being and requires timely intervention. Prescription or medical care costs related to ongoing, non-emergency conditions are therefore not covered. In addition, grants are awarded only for medical bills not yet paid. SMERF is for students who were registered at the time of their medical emergency and have exhausted all other resources. EOP students should check with EOP before applying for SMERF. Maximum grant amount: $3,500. Turnaround time: Once the student meets with the committee, 48 hours for a decision. Required documentation: Online application; unpaid medical bills; additional supporting documents upon request. How to Apply: Fill out an application at