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Sexual Assault, Dating or Domestic Violence, and Stalking Policy

This policy and procedures statement is intended to supplement Sections 102.08, 102.09, and 102.10 of the Campus Regulations Applying to Students and Campus Organizations published in September 2009.

The following information applies only when the accused perpetrator of sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, or stalking is a UCSB student and the assault, threat, or stalking occurred on or near University property. Sexual violence occurring outside of the University's jurisdiction may also be considered for investigation. Anyone, regardless of University affiliation, who is victimized by a UCSB student, may seek redress through the campus judicial process. The Campus Advocacy Resources and Education (CARE) Program will advise non-University affiliated survivors; however, other campus resources may be available only to students, staff or faculty. If the assault, threat, or stalking occurred on campus but the accused perpetrator is not a student, please seek advice from the CARE Program, or the police.

Title IX, Sexual Violence, and Sexual Harassment Policies
UCOP Sexual Harassment/Violence Policies 

A list of campus and community resources for sexual violence survivors is available here:
Resources for Survivors