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Graduate Students

Graduate students who would like help searching for and obtaining funding are encouraged to meet with an advisor in the Graduate Student Resource Center (see below). If you are experiencing challenging situations that involve financial, medical, familial, social, and other issues, you can also make an appointment with a social worker by calling (805) 893-3087. You’ll find general information about graduate student financial aid on the Graduate Division’s financial support page at, as well as the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships website at In addition to many funds and resources found elsewhere in this guide, you might look into the following:

Academic Department Funding – Conferences
Many academic departments offer funding for registration or travel related to academic conferences or other major- and degree-related purposes. Consult with your department advisor or administrative office for more information.

Academic Senate Doctoral Student Travel Grants
These grants are available to doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy, or M.F.A. students in their second year and in candidacy, who have been invited to present a research paper at a scholarly meeting, to give a performance, or to present the results of research before a distinguished audience. Students are eligible to receive support for one trip during their scholarly career. Applicants must be registered or on an approved leave of absence. Students in joint degree programs are eligible for up to one half of the regular allocation. Applications for travel funds must be accompanied by an abstract of the paper to be presented, a copy of the formal invitation, and a letter of support from your advisor indicating the importance of the forum. The conference must be important to the discipline and preference is given to travel associated with potential academic employment. Funds are limited and applications are accepted year-round until funds are exhausted or until May 15, whichever comes first. For information and an application form, visit

Alumni Association Loans – Graduate Students
The UCSB Alumni Association provides $250 loans (pending availability of funds) to graduate students requiring emergency financial assistance. Maximum loan amount: $250. Turnaround time: 2 days. Repayment terms: Variable (consult with Alumni Association staff). Repayment method: Cash, check, or money order. Required documentation: Application form, student ID, and driver’s license or valid photo ID. How to apply: Visit the UCSB Alumni Association office in the Mosher Alumni House, located off of Mesa Road and near Campbell Hall. Applications not submitted in person will not be considered. To verify availability of funding or to schedule an appointment, call (805) 893-3767.

Graduate Funding News and Opportunities

Graduate Student Resource Center (GSRC)
To receive advice and assistance with searching for ongoing funding, students may schedule an appointment with the Graduate Division funding peer advisor by emailing or calling the GSRC at (805) 893-8994.

GSA Childcare Grant for Graduate Students with Dependents
This fund is available to graduate students who have dependents and who are in the process of preparing for their comprehensive exams, area exams, dissertation proposals, or dissertation defense. For more information, visit

GSA Graduate Student Emergency Relief Fund
This fund is available for registered UCSB graduate students experiencing temporary and acute financial hardship. If you have any questions, please call the Graduate Student Association at (805) 893-3824 or email Maximum amount: Up to $1,000 per quarter, including summer, for a maximum of two awards during academic tenure at UCSB. A staff and student committee meets weekly to expedite submissions. How to Apply: Submit documentation to the Graduate Student Association electronically by following the application link at

GSA Pre-Doctoral Student Travel Grant
The GSA has a small amount of funding available for graduate students to use towards the cost of registration and travel for professional conferences or meetings. You may apply if you have a presentation accepted for a conference or meeting and do not qualify for the Academic Senate’s Doctoral Student Travel Grant (see above). Up to $75 may be awarded for travel costs and/or registration or conference fees. The money is granted on a first-come, first-served basis each quarter until funds are exhausted. See