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Non-traditional students include undergraduates over 24 and graduate students over 29 years old; students who are married or in a domestic partnership; and students who are parents or have dependents. The Non-Traditional Student Resource Center on the 1st floor of the Student Resource Building is available to all non-traditional students, where one-on-one support is also available. Non-traditional students who have school-aged or younger children (and thus have to work around childcare schedules) are approved to receive registration priority. Please self-identify with the Non-Traditional Student Resource Center in order to receive this benefit. If you have children, also see the “Student Parents” section.

PWA Legacy-Barbara S. Uehling Book Grant for Re-Entry/Non-Traditional Students
The UCSB Professional Women’s Association offers a limited number of $200 grants to re-entry/non-traditional students each year. Applications are due winter quarter, and awards are distributed before the following quarter. Please note: past award recipients are not eligible to re-apply. For more information, email