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Worksheet 1: Getting Organized
This worksheet is a checklist that will help you organize your finances up front and save you a lot of time and trouble along the way.  Start by reading the Money Management Basics section and use this worksheet as guide to implementing its suggestions.

Worksheet 2: Making a Quarterly Budget
This worksheet will help you examine your quarterly income and create a budget and spending plan that works for you. You can access the full calculator version ("Simple Budget Planner") at

Worksheet 3: Making a Monthly Budget
Once you've created a quarterly budget, it's helpful to drill down and see how this impacts your monthly finances.  This worksheet will help you create a detailed monthly budget and spending plan.  You can access the full calculator version at

Worksheet 4: Financial Problem Solving
This worksheet offers a simple series of questions that will help you reflect on your financial situation and get started on financial problem solving. You can also take it with you to an appointment with UCSB staff members who can help you find the best solutions for your particular situation.