Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

   Travel Update as of 1/16/2018:

Due to freeway, highway, and road closures between Carpinteria and Santa Barbara, an alternate route must be used to drive from all areas south of Santa Barbara to the UC Santa Barbara campus. However, UCSB is accessible via I-5. This is an indirect route and takes at least 4.5 hours from Los Angeles. Roadways may be congested; please drive with caution, allow ample time for travel, and bring water and snacks. It is impossible to travel between Carpinteria and Santa Barbara using US-101 or local roadways. Roads are closed and law enforcement needs to dedicate efforts to ongoing recovery efforts in Montecito. Refer to Caltrans for current highway conditions.

The Santa Barbara Airbus is running from LAX to SB via I-5:

Amtrak is operational but trains are filling up quickly; make a reservation in advance and check the Amtrak website for schedules and their Twitter for updates

Additionally, the Condor Express and Island Packers are offering ferries between Ventura and Santa Barbara harbors.  

   UCSB Ocean Waters Closed due to Health Hazards: 

Our Santa Barbara County Public Health Officer has ordered no public use of the ocean from Gaviota in the north to Carpinteria State Beach in the south, which includes all of the beaches surrounding UCSB. People should not enter the water as levels of bacteria highly exceed recommended levels, along with other hazardous materials from the recent mudslides and flooding. All ocean water in these locations should be considered contaminated and no recreational activities or swimming should take place. This order does not include the sandy beaches themselves. 

Further information can be found at, including future determinations of when the ocean is again safe for use. 

Student Health is open regular hours and can see any students concerned about health effects of ocean exposure. 


Update on Winter Storms and Final Exams

January 10, 2018

Dear Students,

As you know, our local area has again been impacted by a natural disaster. Our hearts go out to the Montecito community and all who are affected. If you or someone you know has been affected by the fires or the mudslides, we encourage you to utilize our campus counseling resources, CAPS, by calling 805-893-4411 and/or contacting your college advising office, the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, or the Dean of Students Office.   

The 101 freeway is currently closed between Ventura and Santa Barbara and we do not know when it will be reopened. Authorities estimate it could be as early as this weekend, but may be as late as Monday or into next week. The County of Santa Barbara website,, will continue to be updated with freeway closure information.

We understand that many students are having difficulty getting to campus for finals. Faculty have been encouraged to be flexible with students in this situation who make contact, via email, in advance of the final exam. Please email your professor as soon as possible if you need to make alternative arrangements. Responses may be slightly delayed due to the high volume of students making such requests.

Travelling to campus from southern California is challenging. However, UCSB is accessible via I-5. This is an indirect route and requires extra travel time. The Santa Barbara Airbus is running from LAX to SB via I-5. Additionally, the Condor Express and Island Packers are offering ferries between Ventura and Santa Barbara harbors. Amtrak is also working on getting up and running, but it is unclear how long this will take. Train status is available at the Amtrak website,

As mentioned in the recent communication from the chancellor, winter quarter will begin as scheduled on Tuesday, January 16.

Please take care of yourselves and each other. We wish you all the best as you finish up finals and move into winter quarter.

Winter Storm Safety and Information

January 8, 2018

Dear Students,

The forecast for the next few days, January 8-10, is for a severe storm. You can expect lots of rain, particularly tonight, and dangerous surf and ocean conditions, as well as potential for urban flooding, particularly in the areas below the Thomas, Whittier, Sherpa and Rey Fire burn areas. Thankfully, the campus is not in any danger from the burn areas, but heavy rains may still affect our area in unpredictable ways.  

UCSB will be in communication with Santa Barbara County and will send out a UCSB Alert if needed for the campus. The County will be sending out alerts as needed for Santa Barbara County areas, including Isla Vista. To sign up for the County alerts register at

The County of Santa Barbara will post storm updates and emergency information, including updates about any Isla Vista/Del Playa cliff issues at Information is also available on the SB County Twitter feed @countyofsb.

Please read the following tips to ensure your safety over these next few days and throughout the rainy season this winter quarter:

  • During rain and storms, stay out of the ocean, away from cliffs and beaches, and beach access areas. Unpredictable surf, waves, and high tides can be dangerous.
  • Avoid flooded areas when driving, biking, and walking. If your car stalls in a flooded area, evacuate the vehicle as soon as possible and do not attempt to move a stalled vehicle.
  • Do not swim in the ocean for three days following rain because of potentially high levels of contaminants and bacteria in water.
  • Stay away from downed power lines, and do not attempt to remove any downed trees or branches.
  • Attention Isla Vista and Del Playa residents: Rains and heavy surf can erode and undercut bluffs overhanging the beach. Do not walk underneath cliffs due to danger of rock falls and slides. Stay off of balconies and patios during heavy rain and storms. Concerns about cliff erosion that may threaten the stability of a building in Isla Vista can be reported to Santa Barbara County Planning and Development Building & Safety Division at (805) 568-3558. Complaints about building/zoning violations can be submitted online at
  • Immediate concerns about your apartment/house or property (roof leaks, clogged rain gutters, flooding, unstable railings/pilings/supports, or cliff erosion) should be reported to your property owner or manager. Emergencies should be reported to 911. In the event of any displacement of any residents due to storm events, the County has agreements in place with the Red Cross to open up emergency shelters in the County.

A.S. Public Safety Commission would also like to share some tips and information on how to prepare for any upcoming storms:

  • Report all existing cracks or holes on the exterior and interior of your home, and ask for them to be repaired to avoid leaks and water damage.
  • Check balconies, deck slopes, and flat roofs: Make sure water flows away from the walls and into the drainage system.
  • Find out where the electric breaker for your home or apartment is and learn how to turn it off in the event that flooding will reach power outlets. Use extreme caution when working with electrical systems, and never attempt to reset your breaker if you must stand in water to do so. If you cannot safely turn off or reach your breaker, contact an electrician to shut off the power.
  • Stock up on flashlights and batteries in case the power goes out. Save your phone battery and grab a flashlight!
  • Put together preparedness and disaster supply kits for your home and car. For more information, go to Here’s a short list to start your supply kit:
    • Flashlight and backup batteries (1+)
    • First aid kit
    • Whistle
    • Water (1 gallon/person per day)
    • Canned or sealed food and a can opener (2+ days)
    • A battery powered hand crank radio
    • Extra prescription medication/copy of the prescription

Isla Vista Resources

  • AS Pardall Center (6550 Pardall Road - (805-770-3145 -
    • A multi-purpose community space for all community members.
    • Provides centralized source of information and resources for the community and houses the AS Isla Vista Tenants Union, AS Legal Resource Center and AS Public Safety Commission. 
  • AS Public Safety Commission (6550 Pardall Road -
    • Advocates on issues pertaining to public safety, community policing, and community outreach
    • UCIV Volunteer Program which supports safety in Isla Vista via hydration stations, rotational teams, and community engagement
  • AS Isla Vista Tenants Union (6550 Pardall Road - (805-968-6704 -
    • Serves as the point of contact in coordinating crisis response services
    • Advocates for needs of Isla Vista tenants, provides legal education/support, funding for crisis response, and connects tenants to other resources
  • AS External Vice President for Local Affairs (
    • Advocates for and represents UCSB undergraduate students in Isla Vista

Stay safe, 

Division of Student Affairs and Associated Students

University of California, Santa Barbara 

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