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The Student Resource Building (SRB) is open for studying, events, and visiting departments. Please see the department links to the right for additional information. If you need to reach the SRB Operations Team, please do so at: 


For more information on COVID-19 expectations and campus guidelines, please click here.



The Office of Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) has developed a virtual platform for all UCSB students, staff, and faculty to stay connected and involved on campus. Please visit Shoreline to connect with folks around campus, create new opportunities, and get involved with campus events and organizations! All you need is your UCSB Net ID and Password to get started.


How to Reserve a Space at the SRB

Please click HERE to access the SRB Space Request Form. You can view availability for the SRB MPR, 1st Floor Conference Room (1103), and 2nd Floor Conference Room (2154) below.


  • Please note that completing this form is a request only. You will receive a confirmation email when your reservation has been approved. Once the reservation form is received, it will be sent to for review and approval. Should your request need additional information or approval, you will be contacted. Once your request has been reviewed and approved, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address provided on Page 1 of the request form. 


Note that there are specific reservation periods that have been approved by the SRB Governance Board. If a reservation is requested outside of the designated reservation window, you must also include an "Exception to Policy Request" with your reservation request form.

  • Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs): RCOs may request a reservation for the current quarter on the first day of that quarter (i.e., Fall quarter reservations will be taken on the first day of fall quarter classes.) Forms may be submitted in person beginning from 8:00 - 10:00am on the first day of classes during the Lottery. Electronic forms may be submitted beginning at 10:00am. 
  • Student Affairs Departments: May make reservations year round for events occurring in the Student Resource Building.
  • Non Student Affairs Departments: May make reservations for the current quarter beginning after week one of that quarter.

Room Reservation Guidelines:

  • The SRB Multipurpose Room (SRB MPR) may not be reserved for weekly, recurring programs or meetings (i.e. weekly club meetings, classes, etc.). Organizations can only reserve the SRB MPR three times each quarter.
  • Any weekend reservation (Friday 6:00pm - Sunday 11:59pm) must have a minimum number of 25 participants and must last at least 2 hours or longer.