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The Guide to Services was created for Faculty & Students by the Division of Student Affairs in order to highlight the various departments of Student Affairs

Academic Initiatives - Department Info | Department Homepage
Building on strong programs already existing in the Division of Student Affairs and expanding the reach of the Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Academic Programs, Academic Initiatives provides students with additional academic and leadership opportunities, community engagement, support, and research experience. A primary objective of these projects and activities is to better integrate campus departments and the Division of Student Affairs.

Admissions - Department Info | Department Homepage | Admissions facebook | Admissions twitter  Admissions youtube channel
Assists students in preparing for and applying for admission to the University of California, Santa Barbara; processes and evaluates more than 81,000 applications annually.

Arts & Lectures - Department Info | Department Homepage | Arts and Lectures facebook  Arts and Lectures twitter
Presents a lively and diverse performing arts season of music, dance, and theater featuring internationally acclaimed artists as well as writers’ readings, public lectures, and a series of exceptional films.

Associated Students - Department Info | Department Homepage | Associated Students facebook  Associated Students twitter
Undergraduate students’ governing body; represents the student community at the local, state, and national levels and serves as the liaison between students and university administration.

Campus Advocacy Resources and Education (CARE) - Department Info | Dept Homepage | CARE facebook  CARE twitter
The Campus Advocacy Resources and Education (CARE) program provides education about and response to sexual assault, abusive relationships and stalking. RPEP is a service of the Women’s Center which is located on the first floor of the SRB. Call 893-3778 for more info.

Campus Learning Assistance Services - Department Info | Department Homepage | Campus Learning Assistance Services facebook  CLAS Writing Lab facebook
Helps students increase their mastery of materials through course-specific tutoring and skills development.

Career Services - Department Info | Department Homepage | Career Services facebook  Career Services twitter  Admissions youtube channel
Provides individual and group career counseling, graduate school advising, career information, internships, job listings, and on-campus interview program.

Counseling and Psychological Services - Department Info | Department Homepage
Provides individual and group counseling, stress management, crisis intervention, and consultation to faculty and staff.

Disabled Students Program - Department Info | Department Homepage
Serves as the campus liaison regarding issues and regulations related to students with disabilities and coordinates appropriate academic support services for eligible students.

Distressed Student Response - Department Info | Department Homepage
The coordinator of student mental health services is a readily accessible single point of contact for faculty, staff and students who are concerned about a distressed student and do not know which office to contact. The coordinator will consult about a student, provide referrals to campus departments, develop action plans, and follow up with students, staff and faculty as appropriate.

Early Academic Outreach - Department Info | Department Homepage
Assists high-achieving and high-potential first generation, and low-income students to attain high academic standards and provide the necessary academic support to matriculate into the University of California. Also provides students, their families, and communities with the necessary resources to increase eligibility, applications, and enrollments in post-secondary education.

Early Childhood Care & Education Services - Department Info | Department Homepage
Provides a quality child-care program for student, staff, and faculty families, serving children three months to five years of age (tuition subsidies available to eligible student families). Also provides the campus community with a Family Support and Outreach/Referral Program.

Educational Opportunity Program - Department Info | Department Homepage | EOP facebook
Provides a network of support services for students from primarily income eligible, first-generation college backgrounds to assist with academic, financial, personal, career, social and cultural needs.

Financial Aid Office - Department Info | Department Homepage | Finaid facebook  Finaid  twitter
Provides services to help eligible students and their parents receive the assistance necessary to minimize financial obstacles in obtaining a degree from UCSB.

First Year & Graduate Initiatives - Department Info | Department Homepage
Provides a positive environment for students to learn and think critically, make independent, ethical and healthy personal decisions, and to respond proactively and supportively to the needs of a highly diverse society. Also focuses on caring for the academic and intellectual maturation of students.

Health & Wellness - Department Info | Department Homepage | Wellness facebook  Wellness twitter
Promoting the health and wellness of UCSB students through research based methods in our classes, internships and counseling services

International Students & Scholars - Department Info | Department Homepage | OISS facebook
Provides services and programs to meet the cross-cultural and immigration needs of international students and scholars as well as assists academic departments in their efforts to bring visiting international faculty and researchers to UCSB.

MultiCultural Center - Department Info | Department Homepage | MCC facebook  MCC twitter
Strives to promote a sense of belonging among students of color, international students, and gay, lesbian, and bisexual students; working to facilitate the retention and recruitment of students of color and to combat institutional racism and ethnocentrism.

Office of Judicial Affairs - Department Info | Department Homepage
Strives to create a safe and intellectually challenging setting for UCSB students to live and learn, and to maintain an environment conducive to UCSB's principles of "Scholarship, Leadership, and Citizenship," by publishing and enforcing the UCSB Campus Regulations, administering the campus judicial process, educating the campus community about academic integrity and responsible conduct, and much more.

Office of Student Life - Department Info | Department Homepage | Office of Student Life facebook
The Office of Student Life (OSL) coordinates student activities and events on campus and administers campus organizations, fraternities and sororities, and leadership development programs. In conjunction with the Dean of Students Office, OSL also offers referrals, general assistance, and problem solving to students facing personal emergencies. OSL is part of the Student Life Suite, which also includes the offices of the Dean of Students, First-Year & Graduate Initiatives, Judicial Affairs, and Student Mental Health Coordination.

Office of the Registrar - Department Info | Department Homepage
The Office of the Registrar establishes and maintains the academic records of the university and provides students with the enrollment services necessary to attain their educational goals.

Orientation Programs & Parent Services - Department Info | Department Homepage | Orientation facebook
Provides services and assistance that will aid new students in their transition to the university; exposes new students to the broad educational opportunities of the institution, and integrates them into the life of the university.

Recreation - Department Info | Department Homepage | Rec Sports facebook  Rec Sports twitter
Administers exercise and sport-related programs and services, from College of Letters & Science-based academic minors to a comprehensive array of recreational sports offerings.

Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity (RCSGD) - Department Info | Homepage | SGD facebook
Serves the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning and ally community; provides LGBTIQQ educational programming, social activities, advocacy, resources, and consultation with the goal of enhancing safety, acceptance, and quality of life in the UCSB community.

Student Affairs Business Officers Group (SABOG) - Department Info | Department Homepage
The Student Affairs Business Officers Group (SABOG) is a group comprised of Business Officers and Budget Officers from departments across the Division of Student Affairs and Budget & Planning. SABOG meets regularly to collaborate on administrative and financial efficiencies, share resources, discuss emerging issues, review policy and procedures, address common challenges, and develop and implement solutions.

Student Affairs Grants & Development - Department Info | Department Homepage
Manages donations to the division that support important programs and services that help students to develop their scholarship, leadership, and citizenship potential. Students receive the financial, academic, and personal support they need to succeed at UCSB and beyond through these generous donations.

Storke Student Publications - Department Info | Department Homepage | Daily Nexus facebook  Daily Nexus twitter
Daily Nexus: newspaper produced by students and catering to the interests of students. LaCumbre Yearbook: annual chronicle of the year produced by students for students attending UCSB.

Student Health Service - Department Info | Department Homepage | Student Health Service facebook  Student Health Service twitter
Provides full-service primary health care services with limited specialty services based on the special needs of the unique UCSB population.

Student Information Systems and Technology - Department Info | Department Homepage
Provides computing services to the Division of Student Affairs, including application development; web development; desktop, server and network infrastructure systems support.

Visitor Center - Department Info | Department Homepage | Visitor Center facebook  Visitor Center twitter
Provides the more than 34,000 annual campus guests with information sessions given by professional staff and tours led by volunteer student guides.

Women, Gender, & Sexual Equity Programs - Department Info | Department Homepage | Women's Center facebook
Provides advocacy, resources, and education on gender issues through events, rape and sexual harassment prevention education programs, support groups, art gallery, library, meeting rooms, and re-entry / non-traditional student services.